02 October 2015

5 Fandom Friday: People You Want on Your Side During an Apocalypse

Is it weird that I think about this topic a lot? I blame the ridiculous amount of post-apocalyptic TV shows and movies there are out there because there are oh so many and most of them funnily enough are my fave to watch. Big guns and swords to Kendall Ashley who suggested the topic this week it was tough to think of just 5 but I tried not to over think it too much and went with the first people that popped into my brain.

So if anyone can kick the apocalypse in the butt it's Buffy and she's mighty witty about it to, kicking ass with Buffy would be so much fun and failing that at least she would keep you safe!

The Winchesters
Speaking of kicking the apocalypse in the butt I couldn't not mention The Winchester boys and yes Cas to because he is essentially one of the boys because family don't end with blood yo!

Daryl & Michonne
So failing becoming queen of the zombies I would join forces with these two beautiful people who are not only my favourite characters from TWD but quite possibly the ones who do the most amount of zombie damage and even goddamn better than that Michonne brought Carl comics I mean anyone who risks their life to bring me comics during the zombie apocalypse is somebody I want on my team.

Steve & Peggy
I love these two so much and they both fight for everything that is good and true and that is a team I want to be on forever and always until the end of the line.

The Russ Pup
Friends & Family
A bit of a sappy one because after a recent brush with death I have realised that the only people I would really want by my side during the end of the world is the people I love the most, my awesome friends (yes internet friends count), my family and of course my pooch.

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