23 October 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Characters I Want to Dress Up as for Halloween

When I first started joining in on Fandom 5 this topic was the one I was the most excited about and it's still one of my favourite ever posts I've done so I was super excited to see it again on the topics list for this month. As Halloween is just 1 week away I thought I would keep things simple and share a few simple tutorials and closet cosplays that are easy and quick to do should I decide to actually leave the Batcave and cause some mayhem this year. 

Ellen Ripley Outfit
♥ Jumpsuit ♥ Converse ♥ Facehugger Harness 
Ellen Ripley
Ever since I found this Facehugger dog lead on Etsy I've been thinking about dressing up as Ripley and taking my pooch out for a walk with it, yes I have reached the ultimate crazy level of dog ownership where I want to cosplay with my dog...

The Hannistag
Hannibal is gone but not forgotten and I will take any excuse I can to wear my floral antlers. These antlers are really simple to make to should you want to dress up as a Wendigo or a fawn or even a Moose the possibilities are endless.

Patrick Bateman Outfit
♥ Shirt ♥ Jacket ♥ Skirt ♥ Tie ♥ Shoes ♥ Raincoat 
Patrick Bateman
Speaking of sharp suited serial killers I had to mention Patrick Bateman. American Psycho is one of my all time favourite movies and I've wanted to cosplay as him for ages I mean I even bought a clear raincoat earlier this year in his (and Hannibal's) honour.

Daryl Dixon
One of my most popular tutorials is for Daryl's angel wing vest and it gets a lot of hits during this time of year because who doesn't want to be a badass like Daryl? As the main focus of his outfit is his vest this is a simple one to do should you need to put together an outfit super quick.

Owen Grady Outfit
♥ Vest ♥ Shirt ♥ Trousers ♥ Shoes ♥ Belt ♥ Dog Raptor Costume 
Owen Grady
Speaking of bad ass boys in vests I had to end on this one. I call my dog Russ-a-raptor quite often because he likes to pounce and play bite me and as we started this post with dog costumes I thought I would present to you the most humiliating awesome dog costume there is, yep I'm definitely dressing up as a Raptor Wrangler this year!

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