04 September 2015

5 Fandom Friday: 5 Fandom Deaths I’m Still Upset About…SPOILERS!

So I'm gonna admit this is a pretty depressing way to kick off Fandom 5 this month but I'll try and keep it light-hearted and gulp down those tears. Of course there will be SPOILERS although most of these deaths are pretty well known and kinda old but the feels are still there whether it's 2 weeks or 20 years so grab some tissues and a tub of ice creams and let's do this...

Littlefoot's Mother
The Land Before Time was one of my favourite childhood movies and it ignited my love for the long-neck dinosaurs (so much so my imaginary friend was a Brontosaurus) this scene however broke my heart and quite often my family would fast forward through it because they knew how sad I would get and well it still kinda hurts. When I went to see Jurassic World I was so excited to see the long necks in 3D IMAX but not only did I get a really sad death scene with one, I got a whole field full of mauled dead ones which just brought back all that childhood trauma, seriously why did I have to see that?

When The Lion King was re-released in 3D a few years back I had to go see it, so "that" happens and I'm trying my best to hold my tears back when I hear a little girl saying to her mum "Is he dead? Why is he dead mummy? I don't want him to die" and she starts sobbing so of course I can no longer hold the tears back and completely lose it, yep 20 years and I'm still not over it.

The Starks
When talking fandom deaths I had to include The Starks, it seriously still hurts to watch The Red Wedding and I even get a little teary when I watch the 1st episode and see them all so happy, all together in Winterfell..... DAMN YOU GEORGE R.R. MARTIN!!!

Seita & Setsuko
When I think of movies that broke me Grave of the Fireflies is pretty high on the list. I adore all the Studio Ghibli movies including this one but it makes me extremely upset so I can't watch it that being said I think it's a beautiful movie and does an excellent job at highlighting the plight of war orphans and that's what makes this movie even sadder.

The Eleventh Doctor
Doctor Who has been a part of my life ever since can I remember thanks to my Dad. When I was little we used to frequently visit the Doctor Who exhibition in Llangollen (during the shows long hiatus and before it moved to Cardiff) and I even met Tom Baker there although we don't have photos because it was back in the 35mm film days and someone forgot to load film in the camera DOH! Anywho that being said I was never big on the show until Matt Smith became The Doctor and then suddenly I understood why my Dad was so obsessed and I even became a little obsessed to so when he left the show I was heartbroken, I cried a little and it just hasn't been the same since he left, Oh Eleven how I miss you...

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