31 August 2015

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (August 2015)

Day 283/365 ~ The Important Thing is Not the Camera But the Eye

August has ended and I'm another year older and maybe a little bit wiser this year although I'm still hoarding toys like a 4 year old! It's been a pretty chilled out month for me and I've really enjoyed it but I'm excited September is here because I'm off on my travels to... PALERMO! I'm so excited to get out of the country, enjoy some summer sunshine and take in all the sights, smells and sounds of a new place, YEY to new adventures!

Did you know 400 million less animals were killed for meat last year because more people are becoming vegetarian, this is amazing news and it just proves that yes you really can make a difference!

♥ You Don’t Need Anyone’s Permission to Do What You Want to Do

♥ If you're looking to do something fun this weekend but all your mates are busy here are 5 things you can enjoy doing solo

♥ Here are 6 Top Tips For Tidying a Messy Room something which The Bat Cave is in dire need of!

♥ Starting your day off with Yoga is THE BEST just try it for 30 days I promise you won't regret it, thanks to Cuteek for the tip

The Explosion of Colors  42/52

♥ There's More To Life Than A Bunch of 'Likes'

♥ I love reading about life in other cultures so here are 4 things we can learn about happiness from around the world

♥ How To Boost Your Body Confidence

♥ 13 Tips To Make Your Blog Better

♥ Big things are happening so I'm taking a good luck at my finances and ways in which I can cut back so here's 11 Things You Can Quit To Get Financially Healthy

Circle game

♥ The lesson is don't drink and buy but if you do please share your fail purchases online because some of these are just amazing!

♥ Why Geek Culture is a Culture

♥ Good news if you're anything like me and talk to yourself often you're not crazy you're a genius!

♥ Here are 10 things to add to your diet for great skin and they all happen to be delicious to

♥ 5 Reasons Why No One’s Reading Your Blog (And How to Fix Them)

Aurora Borealis over Lake Michigan

♥ There's a Ned Flander's inspired metal band... Okilly Dokilly!

♥ 9 Simple Social Media Tips To Get More Traffic

♥ Mixing faith, fashion and fandom this is such a beautiful read.

♥ 9 Foreign Words That Should Be in Your Vocabulary

♥ Loved this read on Unleashing Your Inner Superhero it's exactly what I needed to hear!

Love & Popsicles

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