18 September 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Favourite Things About Autumn

Is it really Autumn already? I don't even think we've had a summer this year with all the rain and gloom but I do enjoy Autumn it's such a beautiful time of year and I love all the apple spice and pumpkin spice things that are invading our supermarkets everything just smells and tastes so yummy and hearty which is exactly what you need at this time of year, so HECK YEAH AUTUMN!

Wonderland : The Journey Home
The Trees
The trees are so beautiful in Autumn I love the ricj golden tones and crunching through all the leaves in the woods, this is the best time of the year for taking the dog for a walk.

tuileries 04 
Specifically from my own garden well actually my Nan's Garden, in fact I love them so much it was the one of the first things I wrote about on my old blogspot and although that specific apple tree is gone now we have 2 others and they taste just as good in fact our newest apple tree has a variety of apples called Katy.

Hot Tea
I love tea it's so warming and refreshing and I always crave a little spice in my tea during autumn so sometimes I boil some black tea apple slices, cinnamon sticks, cloves and add a touch of maple syrup for sweetness, trust me it's pure heaven!

Pumpkin shot
Halloween has always been my favourite holiday although it's not really celebrated as much here as it is in the US but I still absolutely adore Halloween and all the awesome merch and sweeties and dressing up and movies basically every thing Halloween!

Day 308/365: 'Prisonbreak' and 'Heroes' are back!!!
I LOVE this time of year because there's new seasons and new series a plenty, I always find new things to love and obsess about and because it's colder outside I have a perfect excuse to stay home with my hot tea and my veggie casserole and watch copious amounts of TV, pure nerdy bliss!

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Love & Apple Tea

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