30 September 2015

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (September 2015)

In Extremis

Happy Autumn! Even though it has quite possibly been one of the coldest gloomiest summers here I'm excited about Autumn and all the awesome foods it brings, carrying round a steaming hot beverage in a warm gloved hand is one of my little pleasures, it's strange to think at the beginning of this month I was in Sicily cooling myself down with copious amounts of gelato!

♥ I recently joined club 30 to so these life lessons Megan shared are certainly something I can relate to

♥ So I finally got myself a new fancy iPhone and photography is definitely something I'll be using it for

♥ Total nostalgia reading this post, Today's kids will never know... 

The Ever Changing Winds

♥ Love this post of how to deal with blog copycats

♥ Why We Get Attached to Fictional Characters

♥ A Punk Rock Approach To Living The Life Of Your Dreams

♥ How to have a happy childhood... as an adult!

♥ I can relate so much to this post on how to be mindful of your nerd life

golden hour

♥ Loved this post by Gala on how she learned to love exercise, this is definitely something I can relate to as exercise has become a big game changer in my overall health and well-being

♥ I've been asking myself this question a lot lately

♥ Stop hiding behind your Fear of Failure 

♥ When Benevolent Sexism is Mistaken for Female Empowerment

♥ 40 Ways To Live, Laugh, And Love Like A Child

Ya no sabe quién es, solo que hay más luz de la habitual

♥ I definitely need to implement a few of these awesome tips onto the blog

♥ To The Women Who Chose Not To Have Kids

♥ Here are some awesome tips for blogging beginners

♥ Something I need to do more of is blogging on the go so these tips will definitely help me out

♥ 5 Tips Every Successful Woman Should Know

Love & Ginger Tea

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