28 September 2015

On Fake Geek Girls & Trolling

The Knight's Watch

The awesome dePepi nominated me for a Free Spirit Award and the topic of discussion was to talk about fake geek girls and trolling which I thought was a really interesting topic and something I've not really spoken about before but have a lot of different feels for so I thought I would use it as a sort or writing exercise, push myself out of the box and get a little personal, so get ready for a random stream of conciousness...

Comics Haul

On more that one occasion I have been accused of being a fake geek girl which just seems completely ridiculous to me because why the heck would I spend all my hard earned cash and a very large portion of my life doing something I didn't even really like? Answer I wouldn't and neither would anyone else, life doesn't revolve around you, who made you the geek police and get off my damn lawn!

Growing up I was very much into things like Ghostbusters and superheroes but I also loved fashion and dressing up, these interests are very much a part of who I am now but there was a time that people thought I couldn't be a "real nerd" and be into fashion or beauty and that for some reason I could only like one or the other and it got to the point where I started to get really anxious and depressed and even started to question myself, which looking back now seems completely ridiculous but those comments can really affect you especially when you're growing up and still learning about yourself and trying to find your place in the world.

My knowledge on certain subjects like comic books and movies has been questioned on more than one occasion by some idiot who thinks he rules the world of geekdom, said idiot somehow thinks I only like superheroes because they're hot (not going to lie they are hot and that helps) and I'm only trying to look cool for the boys which makes me laugh because boys I ain't trying to impress no one especially narrow minded idiots who ask stupid questions, you want me you gotta impress me!

The Batman

Which brings me onto trolling which is something I've never really experienced online. I find it kinda bizarre and stupid, the whole thing of being a dick on the internet just for the sake of being a dick kinda baffles me because why waste your time doing something so pathetic and wasteful when you could be looking up photos of cute puppies or even watching videos of cute puppies and generally doing something more positive and bringing joy to your life and others, positivity is infectious I mean who wants to hang around with someone who is full of doom and gloom and is constantly dragging people down?

Fake geek girls don't exist we can all love the things we love and we don't have to know every little detail about everything and anything to prove ourselves in fact we don't have to prove ourselves to anyone as my queen Peggy Carter says "I know my value. Anyone else's opinion doesn't really matter" so what does it matter if someone is wearing a "Geek" T-shirt but doesn't really know much about the subject what harm are they actually doing? We're all a little geeky about something whether it be comics or nail poilsh or both, you do you and you be happy 

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The Free Spirit Award was created by UNOTAKU and Marvelously Mismatched

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I'm breaking the rules a little as I can't think of a subject or anyone to nominate so if you like the topic and want to write about it please feel free to do so OR if you have a great subject you want people to write about then feel free to do this and even tag me back if you want to hear my thoughts xoxo

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