14 August 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Favourite Fandom Phrases

Happy Fandom Friday! I took a week off last week so I hope you enjoyed my #GeekyTeeFriday post but I'm back on form with this week's #Fandom5 topic which is all about our fave fandom phrases. I quite often find myself quoting my fave fandoms even without realising it, I think conversations with me are basically me quoting various lines from movies and TV shows because I always get the "isn't that from a movie?" line from people so here are just a handful of phrases I like to quote on the regular...

Galaxy Quest is such a godamn awesome movie and this phase has been my mantra for the past 15 years, whenever I'm down I just say this to myself in my best Thermian voice and everything suddenly begins to feel bright again.

For the longest time I didn't even realise I was quoting Abed everytime I say this and I say this a lot so much so it's become my catchphrase now sorry Abed!

This can only be said in your best northern accent and yes I have a northern accent and yes people ask me to say this all the time and yes I love it!

There were tears in my eyes when I first watched this because Peggy is my everything! Do as Peggy says and know your value because anyone else's opinion doesn't really matter.

Ahhh Dean you say so many funny things but I think this will always be in my top Dean quotes of all time.


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