21 August 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Crossovers That Would Cause My Heart to Explode

Welcome to another Fandom Friday brought to you buy The Nerdy Girly & Super Space Chick, this week we're talking about crossovers that would make our hearts explode which is an awesome title although I'm hoping not literal because ick! Also it's my birthday tomorrow so ya know "Studio People" if you want to announce any of these awesome ideas it would be not only the perfect time but the perfect birthday present...

Supernatural + Doctor Who + Sherlock I mean do I really have to explain how gosh darn freakin' awesome this would be, the world would be an awesome place if these shows joined forces to fight the good fight and rid the world of evil and just imagine all the witty banter it would be the most quotable show ever!

Jurassic World & Godzilla
I mentioned this in a previous Fandom 5 but I'm mentioning it again because it needs to happen and if Legendary want to throw in Pacific Rim that's all good with me.

Supergirl & The Flash
Just look at these two cuties I want them to team up already, I know Supergirl hasn't even started yet but I already love it after seeing the pilot and I know they've already said they won't crossover but my fangirl heart will keep the hope alive

All Star Female Superheroes
None of this DC vs Marvel business I want a big team up against a big bad where everyone loves and supports each other to kick serious ass. Ever since I heard about the Wonder Woman movie being WWII based I've been thinking what if Peggy was in this movie and how amazing they would be together also seeing these ladies together at the Women Who Kick Ass panel in SDCC has me thinking up all kinds of lady hero crossovers.

Disney x Game of Thrones
Firstly stop reading this and go check out these amazing pictures right now! Don't tell me you wouldn't want to see that movie, I know never in a million years would this happen but after seeing all that amazing artwork my mind is singing and I want it sooooo much!

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