11 March 2015

Outfit Inspiration: Agent Peggy Carter

Today I thought I would share a fun little way I like to plan out my outfits. Ever since my Lolita days I would save the stock photos of items I'd bought so I could plan and put together "virtual coordinates" kinda like Cher did in Clueless and although I very rarely dress up in Lolita now I still like to do for my regular clothes. When I did my Captain America cosplay(s) I mentioned how I liked to throw a little Peggy into the mix so now I've decided to throw a little Cap into my Peggy. I got this dress from ASOS and used for my 1st Captain America cosplay at SDCC and I was planning on revamping it to more closely resemble his new suit in Age of Ultron but as I already have too many cosplay projects to handle I thought why not use it in a more casual way and then inspiration struck me why not use it for Peggy and so this outfit was born. I adore Peggy so much and Agent Carter is one of my favourite TV Shows ever! Haley Atwell is a darling and I love how she's been sharing Peggy's fashion secrets such as her lipstick, nail varnish, shoes and even perfume on her twitter and yes I totally splurged on those shoes!

If you liked this post let me know and I'll share a few more nerdy outfits I have planned.
Love & Lipstick

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