13 March 2015

5 Fandom Friday: My Fictional BFF’s

I'm finding the topic of this weeks #Fandom5 so hard to write because it's so hard to pick just 5 people so I might have to narrow it down to 1 person per TV/Movie/Comic series to make it easier on myself although I can see even then it's gonna be a chore as there's just so many awesome characters out there I want to be friends with them all!

Dean Winchester
The first time I watched Supernatural I immediately connected with Dean, more than the good looks and the wicked sense of humour it was the fact that the guy still listened to tapes that got me because yep I will fully admit I was doing exactly the same well after cassettes went out of style! The guy loves pie almost as much as I do, he's a film nerd, a goofball and has great taste in music and you know Dean will have your back should you ever be in trouble because you ain't just a friend you family!

Brienne of Tarth
I fucking love Brienne she's strong, she's loyal, she's fierce, she's awesome! There are so many great ladies in the world of Ice and Fire that I want to be BFFs with but if I listed them all they would dominate this list so I had to choose one and that one is Brienne because like the other ladies I not only admire her strength I love how damn awkward she is it's so real and something I can totally relate to also she could teach me how to be the perfect knight.

Peggy Carter
Every since the introduction of Peggy in The First Avenger I have been a huge fan of this lady. She's smart, she's tough, she's witty, she's gorgeous and so stylish, she's a total inspiration and everything I aspire to be. I would love to hang out in 1940's New York and eat breakfast at the Automat with Peggy she seems like a complete blast to be around.

Buffy Summers
I had to add Buffy to this list although I'll admit it was a close call between her and Faith and although I think I probably relate a lot more to Faith it was Buffy who helped me navigate teenage life and helped me through some pretty rough times, so thank you Buffy for saving me.

I had such a tough time chosing this last one so I went with my ultimate childhood BFF because who doesn't want a big fluffy, goofy, cute, flying luck dragon as their best friend? Falkor is awesome 'nuff said!

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Love & Cherry Pie

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