06 March 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Favourite Snacks & Drinks To Consume While Blogging

I love food and cooking is one of my favourite hobbies so this weeks #Fandom5 is right up my alley because it's all about snacks. My snack habits are much healthier than they used to be, I used to just live on sweets and candy but now I'll happily snack on some fruit, I love fruit and I think I could happily live on the stuff but I love trying new things in other words I will eat anything or at least I will try anything once....

Green Tea
Green Tea
Since I cut soda completely out of my diet over 5 years ago I've been living on Green Tea, I literally spend the whole day drinking green tea and although I do like to switch it up and try a different tea I always seem to gravitate back to the green stuff, at least it's a healthy habit though right?

Crispy seaweed is the best I've been snacking on the stuff ever since I was a kid and I still can't get enough. I always raid the Tao Kae Noi shop when I'm in Thailand because they have the best stuff, I love their inventive flavours and it's super crispy seriously guys seaweed is an awesome snack!

Flax Cookies
I'm all about the healthy snacks and this one is a creation of my own. I tested so many almond butter cookie recipes over the holidays and they all came out kinda wrong so I was about to give up until a bag of flax fell on my head (true story!) so I baked some cookies and SUCCESS! These are my new fave snacks and even better they're super easy and quick to make so go give them a try

Morning Coffee Ring
I was a bit of a coffee addict at one point, I even had a coffee machine in my bedroom in university which was amazing but most likely one of the causes of my insomnia so now coffee is considered a treat best enjoyed while doing something I love like exploring or blogging in Starbucks.

Popcorn Night! Popcorn
Popcorn is the best, it's one of those foods I can eat and eat and eat and never get full or fed up of which is probably not a good thing but who cares it's delicious, in fact I opened a bag when I started writing this and I've just noticed it's all gone.... whoops!

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Love & Popsicles

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