27 March 2015

5 Fandom Friday: One Fandom Item Styled Five Different Ways

I thought about doing different things for #Fandom5 this week, one was a collection of #OOTD photos but it has been way to gloomy and rainy to get any decent outfit shots so I thought instead I'd do a collage using stock photos of something I already had (like my Agent Carter post) but then eventually decided on styling an item I've been wanting to buy for a while with things I already have because I thought if I could figure out 5 different unique ways to style it then I could maybe justify buying it, so what is the item? It's this Sailor Moon skirt

Luna Lover
I have these awesome Luna & Artemis tights that I haven't even worn yet because I'm so scared of damaging them but I'd have to wear them with this skirt, also I'm cheating a little because I don't have this hoodie but it's on eBay for $17.99 so I'm very tempted!

Man on the Moon

I own quite a few space themed items so I thought I'd run with the theme of the moon and put together a fun summer outfit, the pop of colour from my boots and satchel add a nice touch too don't you think?

Sailor Bosozoku
Babs Tarr did an awesome thing when she drew the Sailor Scouts in Biker gear and I absolutely loved the photoshoot my LA friends did so much that I thought I'd put together a fun sailor punk outfit using my awesome Daryl Dixon jacket.

Winter Bunny
As it's pretty cold here the majority of the time I thought I better include some winter looks so I could get maximum use out of the skirt, so lots of thermals and leg warmers for this one as well as one of my awesome bunny scarves to keep me warm and toasty.

Sailor School
I put this one together partly because I want to get some use out of these "Peggy Shoes" I have so I thought as it's Sailor Moon I would go for something a bit school girl inspired and of course I had to include one of my gorgeous  flower crowns.

So what do you guys think should I buy it?

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Love & Doggie Cuddles

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