11 February 2015

Things To Do When You're Feeling Sad

Take It All

Happiness can be a real struggle at times and some days it can feel like whole the universe is working against you. Sometimes I don't even need a reason to be sad I just seem to wake up that way which sucks but the pursuit of happiness is always worth the effort so if you're feeling in a funk and are in need of a little help here are I few things I do to try and beat those dark clouds away.

Watch your favourite childhood movie
It has been scientifically proven that nostalgia can actually counteract feelings of depression and what better way to induce those feeling of nostalgia than watching one of your fave childhood movies, some of my faves are E.T., Back to the Future, The Princess Bride and any Disney and all movies.

This world is so busy and hectic it can become quite overwhelming at times so it's good to just clear your mind every now and again, breathe deeply and enjoy the stillness and silence.

It's ok to cry, sometimes you want to hold it back but in my experience it's better to just let it all out let all the sadness and frustration, maybe you'll look a mess but so what you'll feel much better afterwards.

Espresso My Friend
Talk to a friend
Call a friend, buy a pizza and go hang out in your onesies. Friends are gifts and will always make you feel better whether you need someone to talk to or just a fun distraction being around your friends can be the best cure for sadness and even if your friends are far away the internet exists to bring us closer.

Have a bath
A bath can be a real treat, get yourself an awesome glittery bath bomb, light some scented candles, put on some relaxing music and let your cares soak away.

Eat a donut
Ok so it doesn't have to be a donut it can be whatever you want but donuts are pretty damn delicious, we all need to treat ourselves sometimes so savour that yummy sweet treat.

Exercise releases endorphins so is proven to make you feel better, whether you like to release your frustrations through boxing, or relax doing yoga, swim like a fish or run as fast as the wind a bit of exercise can really boost your mood.

454884-R1-03-19 Cuddle a pet
It doesn't matter how bad of a day I'm having seeing The Russ Pup and his happy face come running at me is an instant mood booster and even science says that pets are awesome.

Dreaming of peaceful getaways 27/52
Sleep your cares away
There are times when we feel like nothing we'll do can cheer us up and that's fine sometimes the best solution is to just curl up in bed and sleep your troubles away just remember tomorrow is another day and sadness is only temporary.

What are your favourite ways to beat the blues? Be sure to let me know in the comments
Love & Snuggles

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