27 February 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Characters I Would Name My Dogs After

The original topic for this week's #Fandom5 was "Characters I Would Name My Kids After" but as I have no plans for children let alone 5 *dies at the very thought* I thought I would do something a little different and do dog names. I probably put way too much thought into what I'm going to name my future pack and I would happily have a dozen doggies if I could (crazy dog lady alert!) the urge to just quit life move to Alaska get some huskies and go sledding everyday is immense...

I've had an interest in Norse mythology since I was a kid thanks to The Dad but other obsessions kinda got in the way until a certain hammer wielding god entered the MCU and now I find myself reading up on it again. I did think Fenris was the perfect choice but I've since met several other dogs with that name so I'm going with Odin, I mean he is the top dog afterall.

Pugs are awesome, talking pugs are even more awesome! I absolutely fell in love with those cute little smooshy faces after seeing Men in Black so if I'm ever lucky enough to adopt one I kinda have to call him Frank.

Akitas and Shiba Inu's have been a long time love of mine and I always thought if I got one I would name it something Japanese. I thought about Kuma and Kitsune because of their looks but then I saw Princess Monoke and fell in love! Moro would have been the obvious choice but I loved the character of Ashitaka so much so that one made the list.

Ned & Bran
Being wolf obsessed (and Northern) it's obvious that I would want to name a dog something Stark related and I always thought Ned would be a great name for a big cuddle monster but recently I saw a dog in the rescue center which was all big and wolf-like called Bran and thought that was the perfect name. Although Bran has since left the center and is happily living in his forever home I can't stop thinking about how much I want a Dire-dog named Bran.

Superman was my first superhero love, I remember being about 5 years old and asking my Nanna for a Superman costume, she bought me Flash Gordon... I wasn't happy! As cheesy as it is I love the fact that Superman has a super dog so I definitely have to add a Krypto to my pack. Also I only recently realised whilst babysitting that Krypto has his own cartoon series so I'll definitely have to watch more of that soon.

Ok so this one isn't a technically a character but it's still kinda nerdy and one of the names I've had in mind for a pooch for a long time. Laika was the first dog to be sent into space and as I have a love for space (thanks again to my The 'astrophysicist' Dad) I've always wanted to name a pooch in her honour.

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Love & Doggie Cuddles

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