13 February 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Fictional Couples I Ship

I had to have a bit of a think about this week's Fandom 5 because I wasn't quite sure if I actually shipped anyone. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to love and romance and wince like a little kid whenever there's smooching on screen but I'm all about the friendships and fun times, I mean shipping doesn't always have to be all about the sexy fun times does it? So here are five of my fave fictional couples who may or may not have smoochy fun times..... but probably do!

Black Canary & Zatanna
I adore both these characters so much and I absolutely adored them together in Bloodspell, I loved the backstory Dini gave them of meeting when they were kids and I really enjoyed the cheeky banter between them that I want to see more adventures of them together so badly.

Steve Rogers & Peggy Carter
So I said I'm not romantic but I loved these to together on screen. This was never your typical damsel in distress pairing like in most other superhero movies Peggy was always independent and able to kick ass in fact if anything it was Steve that needed her! Peggy's appearance in The Winter Solider had me in tears it was so touching seeing these two together after everything they've been through Steve + Peggy 4EVER!

Batman & Robin
Specifically Burt Ward and Adam West I want these two together forever they are the absolute best crime fighting duo ever, I seriously love this show so much and have probably been watching an excessive amount of it lately but they are so awesome I love them <3

Wall-E & Eve
Wall-E is my absolute favoutite Pixar movie, it warms my stone cold heart so much and never fails to make me smile. These two little robots make me feel all squishy inside and the scene of them dancing through space together is one of my favourite movie scenes ever it's so beautiful, I mean how can you not ship these two?

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy
As crazy and dysfunctional as these characters are they surprisingly compliment each other well. This is another awesome pairing by Paul Dini which I adore. I first saw these two together in Batman the animated series as a kid and absolutely adored them because not only do they have an absolute blast together but when times are tough they can depend on each other and you see a genuine love and warmth between them.

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