28 February 2015

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (February 2015)

forget, focus and carry on.

February seems to have come and gone in a flash but surprisingly I managed to get a lot done this month! I started the month off with an awesome trip to the Game of Thrones Exhibition in London, caught up with friends, made some progress on my cosplay projects and although I completely failed to get tickets for San Diego Comic Con *single sad tear* there's still some exciting things happening for me to look forward to.

♥ Pie is greater than cake, it's science!

♥ Dealing with Depression: 10 Ways to Feel Positive and Peaceful

♥ I don't really like musicals but the Death Note musical is sounding awesome!

♥ THIS is my new fave Instagram

♥ If only all my Starbucks came in a cup like this


♥ Getting healthy is not just about the body it's about the mind to so check out these 15 ways you can get healthy in 2015

♥ Twitter I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down

♥ If you're looking for some interesting reading then check out David Bowie's Top 100 Books

♥ My sleep schedule has been awful this month so it's time for a change!

♥ I Woke Up Like This: On Flawlessness, and Admitting The Effort Required

necklace from paraphernalia

♥ February has a way of making us single folk feel alone so here's 25 things to do to feel less lonely

♥ We are all different but that's not a bad thing, Marthe shares what makes her different, why she loves it and why we should all learn to love our quirks to.

♥ 10 Tips for a Productive Life

♥ Who knew how great a beauty tool the spoon could be

♥ 51 Ways to Feel Happy in 5 Minutes

Cause You're the Apple To My Pie

♥ Be sure to show your fellow bloggers some love and check out these easy ways to support and show blog love

 I adore this Captain America sweatshirt and am definitely adding it to my projects list!

♥ The art of fangirling: What it means to be a true geek

♥ Life As A Blogger

 And finally lets end this month on a fun note with some adorable kids and their pet dogs xoxo

Love & Waffles

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