06 February 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Funko Pop Figures

I was so excited when I first saw this as a topic for 5 Fandom Friday because I'm am completely obsessed with Funko figures! I've been collecting Funko Pop figures for a couple years now, my first figure was a Captain America bobblehead I bought at Wales Comic Con and now my collection totals 38 with more on the way. Picking 5 of my faves is tough because it seems like every week they come out with a new one I want if I had my way I'd pick at least 50...

Golden Smaug
The newest addition to my "Funko Family" and my absolute favourite, this was a limited edition Funko made for Hot Topic which quickly sold out but I luckily found for a good price on eBay. I absolutely adore him because he's twice the size of regular Funko figures and beautifully detailed, I can't stop staring at him, Smaug the Stupendous indeed!

Slightly cheating on this one because I can't pick a single fave from this collection, I love giant Stay Puft, I love the slime effect on Slimer I love the car and I love the guys in their adorable little uniforms. Ghostbusters will always be my first fandom love and once I make some room in The Batcave I'm totally making myself a Ghostbusters shelf to display these guys.

I confess I've only seen about 10 minutes of the 1st movie and it was hilariously bad but I love this figure so much although I'm not exactly sure why but it does look pretty awesome I mean look at that tornado effect. Regardless it's one of my absolute fave Funko figures and I gotta have it.

Game of Thrones Mystery Minis
Game of Thrones are the main focus of my Funko collection although when I started out I told myself I just wanted the Starks but then HBO had a special offer on the whole set in their shop so I got them, then I promised myself I'd just stick to the main figures and not get the variants and then Headless Ned happened and now I seem to have multiples of each character, so then the mystery minis came out and I said no for the longest time because I thought I would have the worst luck with them but then I treated myself to one at LFCC and I got Ghost which was the one I wanted the most and since have been having the best luck with them I even got Drogon whilst dressed in my Daenerys cosplay! Anywho I love these figures more than the regular Funkos as they're more cute and detailed and now I want the whole set.... so much for trying to restrain myself!

Dancing Groot
Waaaaa~~~ so cute! Do I really have to explain this one I mean look at teh cuteness and the head even bops! This was a fairly recent release so I'm definitely going to have to get this one probably sooner rather than later....

Bonus pic of the most awesome Funko ever created!
"You know nothing Jon Snow!"

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Love & Funkos

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