30 January 2011

The Weekly Roundup #4

Booked my flights to America (California here I come!) Read Alexei Sayle's The Dog Catcher Fasted under the doctor's orders Had a ridiculous amount of blood taken out of me CRASHED OUT! Developed a strange bruise on my arm Watched Sailor Moon Reminisced about Scrooge McDuck  after seeing some stamps on a parcel Waved goodbye to my Dad Played Tetris Party on my DS Watched The Social Network Worked at a school whose name I couldn't pronounce Was given an adorable thank you card made by the kids Received gorgeous goodies from All Saints Ate the most wonderful Pâté Fixed my pill case Watched Black Swan Had coffee with my BFF & got some AWESOME news, so happy!

Has your week been as crazy as mine?
Love & Sparkly Hugs

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