16 January 2011

The Weekly Roundup #2

Painted my nails Champagne Pink Cut down my workout to 30 minutes a day Read Kurt Wenzel's first novel Lit Life Ate too many Haribo!  Made "Panda Plans" with Cally (so excited!)  Watched Panty & Stocking.... again! Saw an Akita and a Husky being walked (my two fave dogs!) and dreamed about the day when I get my own pack Updated my Etsy Shop  Drank Oolong and Ginseng tea from China Listened to Paramore for the first time Had a Hazelnut Latte Fell in love with Liberty Hello Kitty Received freebies from Disney  Finally made some progress at the doctors Found a random gif of myself Bought the Katy Perry O.P.I collection Painted my nails Burnt Blood

Did you do anything exciting this week?
Love & Glittery Hugs

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