31 January 2011

Things that make you go Oooooo (January 2011)

When I was younger 2011 always seemed like a future a million miles away from me, I'd imagined we'd all be living in space riding on hover boards and making friends with alien lifeforms. I think it's really sad that the space program was cancelled I'd love to see man on the moon again, can you believe it's been 38 years since the last man was on the moon? The future is a strange and exciting thing so onwards and upwards...

Thirty Books Everyone Should Read Before They're 30 - This is my new reading list for this year, I've crossed off a few but there's still lots more to go!

Top Ten Female Turn Ons

35 Ways to Make the World a Beautiful Place - Lets start the year on a positive note and start a new beautiful revolution.

Fashion 101: Why Luxury is Expensive - There's a lot of work that goes into creating that special something and I'm a big believer in quality over quantity so that's something to remember when you're making that annual splurge!

Confession of: A Disney Cast Member

What Happened in My Birth Year? - I just want to kiss who ever made this, just try it I guarantee it will make you smile.

♥  New Year, New Routine? 10 Things I Do To Keep Myself Feeling Happy Healthy and Magical - The fabulous Gala Darling shares some of her tips and tricks on staying healthy and gorgeous, some great tips here some of which I will be trying to implement into my own routine.

Natural Beauty is an Oppressive Fucking Value

Make you Life Amazing - I love this series it's full of helpful advice and tips on making a real change for the better in your life.

If You're Crappy & You Know It.. (What To Do When You're Feeling Mad, Sad Or Just Plain BAD!) - Some good advice to get you out of that bad mood, one of my resolutions is to try not to be so negative on myself.

How to Cheer Up

How to Pick Yourself off the Floor - Love these tips especially the one about the notebook, this is something I should definitely make the time to do.

How To Live an Interesting Live - Some great thoughts on what's holding us back from living that dream life and how to make change real.

Thoughts on Change

Make Sure You Love Yourself Sick Before You Leave The House Each Morning - Love this idea, it makes me want to cover my bathroom mirror in post-it notes of positivity

A History of Pandas in the UK - I'm SUPER excited that the U.K. will be welcoming some pandas soon and am already making plans to go see them when they arrive!

It's a Jungle Out There... Animal Origami

Make Your Own Computer Cozy - This is such an awesome idea and a great way to re-use and old jumper, I'm in need of a new computer cozy so this is definitely on my craft list.

Coming of Age Day 2011 - This is one of my many favourite Japanese festivals, I just love seeing all the girls dressed up in their beautiful and colourful kimonos.

The Shopping Detox Experiment

Eco-Sustainability in Beauty - it's great to hear how some of the companies are changing in order to help our environment. I've made a conscious effort to reduce my waste and have personally switched to more eco-friendly natural and organic products.

Love & Sparkly Hugs

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