04 January 2011

Sugarpill is My New Drug

When your wardrobe is mostly black you tend to find other ways to add colour to your outfits and one of the things I've recently started to experiment with is make-up. I've heard so many good things about Sugarpill and have been lusting over their eyeshadows for the longest time so I finally decided to treat myself to the Burning Heart eyeshadow palette.

I placed my order at Sugarpill and it was shipped to me the next day and arrived on my doorstep about 2 weeks later which isn't too bad considering international shipping. I must say it was such a treat to see it on my doorstep the kitty print packaging is such a nice touch.

The contents were wrapped in pretty pink paper and included a sparkly Sugarpill sticker (anything sparkly gets my love) and Sugarpill's colourful and beautiful business cards. It was an added bonus to see make-up extraordinaire Amelia Arsenic and the gorgeous Miss Kika's artwork if Sugarpill gets these amazing girls approval then you know it must be good.

Sugarpill has really gone above and beyond with its packaging not only is it totally adorable but I absolutely love that you get a nice big mirror included in this palette which does make it slightly heavier but I personally prefer a decent size mirror than the tiny ones you find in some palettes.

I am so impressed with these eyeshadows they are so bright and colourful, I made the mistake of loading up my brush with the eyeshadow only to find that you get just a bright a colour if you use a little, which is total value for money. It also lasts, I've done my make-up in the morning and come home at night to find it's still as vibrant as it was when I left the house which is amazing.

I'm still a newbie when it comes to make-up but I'm hoping to change that and experiment with some different colours. I absolutely love Sugarpill they have an amazing range of colours and it's such a joy to use I totally recommend them and will definitely be returning for more of their eyeshadows soon.

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