01 January 2011

10 Goals for 2011

A toast to us by Sugarraindrops

Go on daily walks

Do something with my photographs - frame them, make postcards, design a photobook or enter them in competitions.

Take vitamins

Eat mostly vegetarian - because I feel so much more healthy with the meat cut out of my diet however if once in a blue moon I do fancy a delicious hamburger I won't deny myself the pleasure.

Meet up with friends

Spend less and save more - Keeping this in mind, I won't be hitting the sales this year and  instead I'm putting that money I would have spent frivolously on things I don't really need towards a big adventure and something more meaningful.

Meditate every morning

Craft - it's one of my favourite hobbies and every year I improve, plus you guys can get your hands on some of my cute creations to.


Think positive - because only positive thinking will help you achieve your goals and in this world there's nothing you can't achieve with some hard work and the right mindset.

Fizzy Bubbles & A Happy New Year

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