05 November 2010

What's in my Bag #3

I've been living out of this bag pretty much since it arrived on my doorstep from ASOS a couple months ago. This bag holds a lot considering its size and it was starting to resemble Mary Poppin's carpet bag with all the strange items I was finding inside of it, so I thought it was about time for a clear out.

A couple of things which were in there like my Filofax, book, scarves, digital camera, used film etc. aren't pictured but you get the picture there is a ridiculous amount of stuff I seem to have collected in there making this bag the perfect tool for your average hoarder.

Make-up pouch with anti-bac hand gel, perfume, lipgloss, mini mirror & blotting tissues
3D glasses
Tampon tin
Lomo Fisheye camera
Spare camera battery & SD card
Tiger notebook (which was a gift from Cally)
A pen
Beatrix Potter World leaflet & Chester Zoo map
Hello Kitty purse
My mobile phone

So that's what in my bag at the moment now it's your turn to tell me what's in yours
Love & Peace & Tea

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