11 November 2010

D.I.Y Tutorial: Sparkly Bone Necklace

A while back I saw that Audrey Kitchen was selling a bone necklace in her Tokyolux shop and instantly fell in love, I really wanted one in my life but being the ever resourceful girl I am decided I wanted to save my money and make my own rather than buy one.

I had planned to make my own bones out of Fimo clay but then spotted this necklace, which I'm pretty sure is identical to the one Audrey Kitching is selling, in a costume shop for about a tenth of the price! I have to admit the necklaces are pretty cheap and nasty looking so I picked up a few with the intension to make them more wearable and less costumey.

I dismantled the necklaces throwing the cheap elastic cords away and my next task was to remove the "Made in China" stamps from each one of the bones (tacky!) which I did by using a small nail file, it also gave me a slightly rough surface which made a good base to stick the jewels on.

I didn't like the look of the original plastic beads so decided to use some nicer gemstone beads I had instead namely Black Onyx and Haematite, I also used some black Stretch Magic elastic cord I had to make the necklace as I've found it to be more durable and stronger than other elastics.

I found that the necklace was getting heavy from using the Onyx beads so decided to use some of the original plastic ones in the back so it wouldn't weigh as much, I also decided to use less bones than the original so I could make myself another one meaning I could get two necklaces for the price of one!

The best thing is that I now have two awesome bone necklaces to wear for a third of the price of the original one I wanted and I even have one necklace spare to play around with. Chances are you might see these in the Halloween sales so if you fancy making your own get one as it's so easy to turn them into something special.

Love & Sparkly Skeletons

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