30 November 2010

Things that make you go Oooooo (November 2010)

Winter is here and the days are much colder which means I've been spending less time outside and more time curled up under a blanket with a hot water bottle and a good cup of Chai. I can't believe that December starts tomorrow and another year is almost over, it's crazy! On that frightening thought here's what's been keeping me amused all through November.

Halfway Somewhere - Did you know one of my favourite bloggers Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky sings? She has such a beautiful voice definitely worth a listen.

Giant Gummy Bear on a Stick!

Still Life, Still Alive - Such a great concept wonderfully executed it really is amazing to look at!

Violet Darkling - I am head over heels in love with her jewellery, there is not a single piece in her collection I would not wear, now I just need to organise that bank heist so I can buy it all, who's in?

You're Already Perfect

Indian Spiced Pita Pizza - This is the perfect quick and easy recipie for one of those chilly days, it'll warm you right up!

3 Reasons Why Betsey Johnson is the Coolest Grandma on the Planet - She's just too awesome, I love her.

Fashion & Beauty's Greatest Inventions for Womankind

Welcome to Doe Deere's Unicorn House - such an adorable place and very creative I love it!

Sith Princesses - My inner geek is delighted at this mix of Star Wars and Disney, I've always thought the Sith's are the more stylish side which is reason enough for me to join the Dark side.

18 Absurd & Frivolous Designer Items

Noir Jewelry - I love LOVE their designs especially their rings and the Disney series is a dream. I'm also ecstatic to hear that they'll be making some Batman themed designs soon.

I Want To Be... A Crochet Queen! - Gala Darling interviews one of my favourite crafters and biggest inspiration Twinkie Chan, some great advice in there for my fellow crafters.

Grandma's Superhero Therapy

Thrifty with $50: Fashion on a budget - Some great advice here from the lovely San Smith on how to create a cute look on a budget. I agree with everything she said planning your look before you hit the shops is a great way to stay focused and keep on budget!

11 Amazing Fake 'Harry Potter' Books Written in China - Hilarious stuff, although I'm not a Harry Potter fan I'm quite tempted to give these a read.

The Top 100 Tutorials of 2009

Personalised Photo Diaries - I'm so tempted to get one of these for my Filofax it's such a cute way to personalise it and it would make an awesome Christmas gift for someone to.

The Emotional Effects of Overconsumption - Something to consider with the month of consumption and excess upon us!

31 Things I've Learnt in 31 Years

Biscuiteer - If you still can't find that perfect Christmas gift for someone then cute biscuits is your fail-safe!

Love & Icicles

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