20 November 2010

She Howls at the Moon in the Midnight Hour

I feel my style is evolving into something much more dark and sinister, my inner wolf has been let loose on my wardrobe and what remains is a sea of black with a splash of blood red. I've always thought of the Werewolf as a good metaphor for the evolution of fashion and style, with each new moon it gets stronger and sheds its old identity becoming something new and greater than imagined.

The Magic Wolf
"Midnight is upon us, the moon is high and the time for fun about to begin."
 Dress - Zara
Feather Cape - New Look
Tights - ASOS
Shoes - Ironfist

This is just a simple co-ordinate I put together which I thought I could wear to dinner or a party, something classic and magical but fierce and strong at the same time, I think my inner wolf would approve don't you?

 Cosmic by Eyeko
Off with her Red by O.P.I

I thought some blood red nails would add the great finishing touch to this outfit and it's really easy to do for all those nail art beginners like myself.

So what do you think, would you let your inner wolf out for a night of fun?
Full Moons & Wolf Howls

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