31 October 2010

Things that make you go Oooooo (October 2010)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! So Halloween is upon us for yet another year and although not the big celebration I would like it to be here in the UK it's still a good excuse to celebrate all things weird and wonderful. I LOVE Halloween and not just for the candy, yes I love to dress up to but I guess you already know that. I can't wait to break open the horror box set tonight, make some blood strawberry stained popcorn and cosy up to a werewolf. So this edition of Things that make you go Oooooo is dedicated to all my creepy fascinations, enjoy mwhahahahaha!

The Zombie Man -  This is so awesome, strange and crazy but wow!

Famous Last Words

  CafĂ© de L'Enfer - This place is absolutely amazing! if only it were still around because that's one place I would LOVE to visit and it would make the perfect Halloween party location!

Jessica Harrison - You may remember her Flylashes video which gained some popularity for its WTF!? factor. Intrigued? Want to see more? well check out her gallery for more creepy curiosities.

Anna Jagodzinska by Camilla Akrans

A Poison Kiss - Great tutorial from YumeNinja on how to create that poisoned kiss effect.

Young Urban Puppy - Want your puppy to join in on the Halloween fun then this shop stocks some awesome and hilarious outfits!


Nightfall Teddies - If you liked my Halloween creature creations on Etsy then you will absolutely love this shop.

 ☠  Illamasqua - A great selection of make-up for that dramatic look, I LOVE their intense lipgloss in Galactic perfect for those days when you want to feel out of this world.

Climbing Cat Tights

Antique Photo Maker - Great little gadget which will make your pictures look like they're 100's of years old.

Polly Morgan - An artist who can create beauty in death, her works are primarily taxidermy so if that offends you don't click the link.

Overcoming Fear

Russian Omens & Superstitions - Never give your Russian friend a clock as it's an omen of parting. This and more superstitious facts from the wonderful Doe Deere

Black Box TV - Awesome new channel on YouTube which reminds me of old episodes of the Twilight Zone and Nightmare's and Dreamscapes, definitely worth checking out!

Satoshi Kon's last words 

Regrets of the Dying - Some great things to ponder, it's never too late to turn that regret around.

by Boris Ovini

Samurai Wars - Ahhhh how different the galaxy could have been if Star Wars was a samurai movie

Other Worldly Shoes

A House for Books? - I knew there was a reason why I thought Guillermo del Toro was awesome! This house sounds utterly amazing and out of this world how I would love to live in a place like that.

Ten of the Greatest Optical Illusions - I adore brain puzzles, I like to get my noggin' working so I don't turn into a zombie so I recommend you check these out to to avoid that fate!

10 Things to do for a Vintage Halloween - Some great ideas from Retro Chick on how to celebrate Halloween Vintage Style!

Iron Fist Shoes - With designs like the Zombie Stomper and sequin skulls you can understand why I love them so much, I'll hopefully be getting my first pair very soon!

Governers Bridge Road - Indy Grrrl takes a trip to a supernatural hotspot with some interesting finds.

Love, Candy and Fangs

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