31 August 2010

Things that make you go Oooooo (August 2010)

It's time for August to go out with a bang, my birthday may well be over but the celebrations have only begun. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and I hope you've all enjoyed reading about my travels this month, my next adventure seems sooo far away. In the meantime here's what has been keeping me upbeat, motivated and interested all this month.

Tiny Buddha - I just love the daily inspirations and wisdom this gives me and be sure to check out all the amazing articles such as 50 Things to Love about Life That Are Free, 10 Tips to Overcome Negative Thoughts, 8 Ways to Be More Confident and many more!

This is Why I'll Never be an Adult

Chinese Panda & Tiger Dogs - Ok so I don't recommend you attack your pooch with the paint just yet but wow is this an amazing dye job! It's not too late to get one of these for my birthday right?

Blythe Manga Girls Inspiration - I love seeing customised Blythes the work that goes into them is amazing and the outcome so beautiful, let me know which ones you recognise there's quite a few I recognise from my Manga loving days.

Archie Grande Notebooks - Forget Moleskine these are my new best friend, I LOVE the colours and the quirky titles each of the notebooks have and also how colourful they will make your bookshelf look!

Xiaxue's Guide to Camwhoring - Xiaxue always takes great self portraits, so here are some tips and tricks for you guys from the expert herself.

Make the World a Prettier Place: A More Polished Look

How to Take Your Own Outfit Photos - Lots of great advice from the IFB community

Mon manège à moi c’est toi - This looks like the perfect day, a birthday like this would have been a dream come true!

Pinkbow: Detox

Judith Leiber - OMG I am in love with these bags, one of these would have made THE ultimate birthday gift and satisfy my love for sparkles and novelty bags forevermore!

Quick Beauty Tip: Vaseline - Vaseline is possible one of the greatest inventions ever! Singapore beauty queen Valerie shares some of her novel uses for this cream.

Believe it or Not: Beauty Myths and its Possible Origins

13 Gross Ingredients Hidden in you Beauty Products - Nothing like rubbing a bit of whale vomit on your face to solve that wrinkle problem...

What I Wish I'd Known at 18 - The intelligent and awesome Stephen Fry gives his insights into the online world and what he's learnt during his life.

1000 Awesome Things

16 First Steps to Creating the Life You Want - Great advice here from the people that have done it themselves our fellow bloggers.

Find Ways to Spend Less and Find Happiness - This is something I've noticed with myself the past year and it's definitely something I encourage you all to do. A trip of a life time or even a weekend away can be worth so much more than that pair of Jimmy Choo's you've been lusting for!

How to Keep a Minimal Closet

How to eat on just $2 a day! - Rachel Hills is taking the challenge and doing it for the Global Poverty Project, be sure to read all about her experiences and tips for those of you wanting to take the challenge yourself.

Love & Magic

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