13 August 2010

Bangkok in Flames: The Ruins of Central World

It was very surreal for me to see the riots, shootings and bombing happening in Bangkok during May, as I watched the news reports in China, knowing in just a few weeks I'll be there, it was a real shock to see places that you've known, loved and visited fall down in flames.

Now is the time for Thailand to re-build not only its destroyed buildings but its trust with the people. Stall holders and businesses whose shops were destroyed during the riots have pulled together to regain what was lost and started a campaign featuring the phrase "Together We Can" which can now be seen throughout the city as a way to promote harmony and unity back into the country.

Thailand needs your support more than ever and now is a really great opportunity to visit Bangkok as there is a festival of market sellers, independent designers and chain stores all offering some unique and amazing bargains with the proceeds going towards building themselves a new life and a better, happier Bangkok.

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