21 August 2010

A Very Merry (Un)Birthday to Me

Magic by Nelogika

Tomorrow is my birthday. Birthday's for me aren't as grand an affair as they were when I was a child, instead of huge parties eating truck loads of candy, running around like a crazy ninja, cotton candy vomit in the garden and poofy big party dresses (ok maybe I still wear the dresses) I mostly just spend my day with family and friends with a slice of cake and cup of tea, although I will admit I do drag out the celebrations as much as I can and instead of just one HUGE day of celebrations I scatter out birthday excursions throughout the month.

I've also noticed that as I get older I'm actually buying gifts for myself, this year I wanted to commemorate the occasion and give myself something special, something to remind me to keep following my dreams

I have a soft spot for Disney Couture and their "Dreams Come True" necklace is the perfect gift to give myself and a constant reminder for me to never give up and keep working to make my dreams come true.

Not all gifts have to be deep and meaningful though some can be just for fun, birthdays only come once a year and you are allowed to treat yourself to a few things on your birthday after all.

Your favourite perfume

An awesome ring

A cute jumper

Your favourite tipple

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