18 August 2010

The Frequent Flyer: Sneaking off to Amphawa (Thailand)

One of my favourite things to do when I'm in Thailand is explore interesting temples. I love going to see all the temples in Thailand as they're such exquisite, beautiful and mysterious places and they sometimes build them in such amazing places just last year I visited a temple deep in a cave and this temple is actually built in the roots of a 400 year old tree.

This isn't my first visit to Wat Bang Khai Kung, I first visited there about 3 years ago and although fascinated by the sight in front of me I remember it being so hot that day that I wasn't interested in doing anything but finding the nearest air conditioned mall and getting myself a frappucino! A second visit was well in order and even though the weather was not on my side again we braved the monsoon rain, drove down to Amphawa and caught a boat over to the temple.

There are quite a few interesting temples around Amphawa but this is by far my favourite as it looks like something straight out of an Indiana Jones movie and the fact that it's 400 years old is amazing in itself! I really want to come back here on my birthday one year and visit 9 temples as there's a tradition which says if you visit 9 temples in one day it will bring you great luck and good fortune for the year ahead, we only managed a pitiful 4 that day...

Amphawa is also home to a traditional Thai floating market, so if you're tired out from all the temple exploring there are plenty of places to get great food and delicious Thai desserts, which are my personal favourite. I've visited quite a few floating markets in Thailand and I think Amphawa is one of the better ones, it's popular amongst Thais and food sells out quite quickly which I think is a great sign of how delicious it is so if you're hungry you have to get in there quick to avoid the crowds of other hungry customers.

Amphawa is just an hour away from Bangkok so it's great for a day trip or a night visit as one of the main attractions of Amphawa is the firefly boat tours they offer, I've yet to experience one of these but it sounds beautiful and something I want to do on my next visit. I just can't wait to go back to Thailand so I can visit Amphawa again and dispite the monsoon weather it was definitely one of the highlights of my time there.

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