03 March 2021

❤️ Venus in the Shell by Phannapast Taychamaythakool 🎨

Phannapast Taychamaythakool is a Thai artist who expresses her feelings through her animal creations illustrated in a traditional Chinese style in honour of her Thai/Chinese heritage, I first became aware of her through a collaboration with Hello Kitty but slowly began to realise that I have actually been a big fan of her art for a while seeing it in many locations in Bangkok, most recently the beautifully decorated Wat Mangkon MRT station where she collaborated with Nescafe, I also own a mug from this collaboration to. 

Venus in the Shell is her newest exhibition of her work which took place in my favourite artist escape River City and takes you on a journey into the secretive corners of humanity's fragility, anger, disappointment, love, joy, jealousy, brightness, and darkness with Phannapast's ending hope that we can embrace the reality of life not just those depicted by the gods.

The exhibition is really stunning, I adore her vibrant work so much and the stories she tells through her art, I really did feel like I transported into another world and by the end of the exhibition I felt so at peace and inspired. My favourite were the lenticular prints that shifted and morphed as you moved, I spent a good amount of time just walking back and forth enjoying these transformations from human to animal which is symbolises that we all have multiple sides depending on the circumstances we are in and it's nothing to be ashamed of.

There were so many fun characters at the exhibition, robotic storks , bulbous goldfish and my personal favourite the cat and the lotus. I loved them so much I picked up a few postcards and memopads in the gallery shop. Phannapast's artwork is so fun and I adore the deeper meanings behind them to, it's always a joy seeing her artwork randomly around the city.

Food nourishes the body but art feeds the soul and after this day I was happily full. Inspired by the world of Phannapast I decided to share with you a little bit of my world so made a video of my day which you can watch below where you can follow me exploring Chinatown, art exhibitions, eating lots of vegan foods and of course my adorable cat Nora Neko has a feature to. This is a new vlog series I'm testing out so let me know what you think and hopefully I will have more beautiful art and artists to share with you in the future.

What nourishes your soul?
Love & Lotus

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