10 February 2021

🌱 Bangkok's BEST Vegan Plant-based Restaurants 🌱

Thailand is an amazing place for vegan plant-based food with so many options available ranging anywhere from Michelin star gourmet tasting menus to $1 street food. Over the past few years since moving back to Bangkok I have seen the vegan plant-based community grow so much with new innovative vegan restaurants opening every few weeks so I thought it was time I shared some of the amazing places I've visited with you and show you that plant based live is not as bland as you think!

Nourish Cafe is my personal favourite vegan restaurant in Bangkok! They have a large menu full of Thai and international dishes at very reasonable prices and every weekend they have chef specials and delicious sandwiches to. Their desserts are also AMAZING their vegan Snykerz is one of the best things I've ever tasted and it's only $1!! But my personal favourite dish is the smothered burrito which is a MUST try if you visit, not only is it HUGE but I kid you not it's not just the best vegan burrito I've had, but best burrito I've tasted EVER! Aside from the awesome food the hospitality there is amazing to, they are the sweetest, kindest people and my heart always feels as full as my stomach after visiting. Nourish Cafe is just a short walk from On Nut BTS station and definitely worth the visit whether your craving Thai food, Mexican or anything really, I highly recommend them!!

Golden State Vegan Cafe is a new vegan restaurant in Bangkok which differs from the rest in that it specialises in vegan seafood. I'm actually very allergic to shellfish and even eating the vegan versions makes me sweat a bit even though I know there's no danger in eating them so trying this restaurant was an experience for me but I can honestly say they do the best seafood I have ever tried, it's not rubbery or spongy like some I've tried but very soft, delicious and melts in your mouth, you really need to try it to believe it! The cafe is also very aesthetically pleasing with some amazing original art pieces on the walls and beautiful tableware, it's exactly how I want my future house to look. As for what to try, I recommend everything, the poke bowls are extremely fresh, the lobster rolls just melt in you mouth, the fish burgers are HUGE and the crab cakes divine and you can also buy their self made frozen seafood and freshly made sauces to bring home and cook for yourself so be sure to check them out. 

Vistro was voted as Thailand's best plant-based restaurant in the Root The Future plant-based awards last year and they really do deserve it! I would describe Vistro and Vizza (their vegan pizzeria) as vegan food for non-vegans as their dishes are so creative and fake meats and cheeses so good they are virtually indistinguishable from their animal derived counterparts. Vistro has such a diverse creative menu that there's something for all tastes, they also recently did a special Diwali and Christmas menu which looked absolutely to die for and I can honestly say everything I've tried there has been so amazing that I can not pick a favourite. I would also suggest you follow them on Instagram as they regularly have special events and offers, the last time I visited they had buy one get one free on pizza and the only thing better than pizza is FREE PIZZA!!

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