16 March 2021

🌱 Bangkok's BEST Vegan Plant-based Restaurants 🌱

I've been eating really well these days with all the amazing plant-based vegan choices available in Thailand, the vegan movement is getting so popular here that this month Bangkok's first vegan supermarket opened in Iconsiam one of the biggest malls not just Thailand but the whole of Asia so I will definitely be visiting it soon but in the meantime here are a few more of my favourite vegan restaurants in Bangkok I've been eating at recently.

Broccoli Revolution is one of the vegan restaurants I visit quite often as they have a few different branches around Bangkok, their food is always fresh and colourful and I love that they put an emphasis on using more local fresh fruits and vegetable. My absolute favourite is their veggie burger which comes in a charcoal bun and is made of lots of veggies and served with salsa and guacamole, it's so delicious and light yet filling to and it comes with their homemade fries which are just as delicious, I'm not the biggest fan of mock meats and prefer my plant-based food to be more fruits and vegetable based and Broccoli Revolution does just that with a menu full of fresh fruits and vegetables from pizzas and burgers to sushi and salad bowls , I definitely recommend you check them out!

Speaking of restaurants who use more vegetables instead of mock meats there's Nature's Charm. Their restaurant is one of the cutest in Bangkok with a pink and floral aesthetic and they make the best desserts, you wouldn't even be able to tell that their macarons are completely vegan as they taste even better than the ones from Ladurée and their "meat" is made completely from fruits and veggies, the chicken bites and fish is made from jackfruit but strangely looks just like actual meat and I was so confused when I first cut into their fish and chips I was so confused as it looked like actual fish but thankfully it wasn't and they did a phenomenal job as it tastes so good everyone needs to try their fish and chips!

This is a recently opened vegan café in one of my favourite spots in Emquartier. I've been buying The Banana Warrior's delicious healthy vegan banana bread for a while from farmers markets and cafes so was extremely excited to try her savoury food and it did not disappoint. The café is full of good vibes and I loved the little handwritten notes and I love that the menu constantly changes depending on what's available to as they source their ingredients from local organic farmers so I would recommend you go often and try whatever you can, as for the banana bread I've tried so many but the orange-gasm is my absolute favourite along with the lemon cookies that my grandma really loved, they are a must along with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

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