31 March 2020

Thing That Make You Go Oooooo (March 2020)


It's been a really tough month .... I'm sure many of you around the world are all in the same situation now of being in lockdown and not being able to go outside, life is not normal for anyone right now ... but just before lockdown I managed to attend one last GOT7 event as unfortunately the birthday celebrations for my boy Jackson Wang had to be put on hold, also some more bad new for Ahgase as B'Chill BamBam's family restaurant announced they would be closing indefinitely... It really is tough times for everyone and to all you you who have also lost their jobs and are struggling, I hope we can all get through this together, it's important we stay strong and stay healthy during these times.

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♥ 5 Things To Do During Self-Quarantine (Without Netflix or Social Media)

♥ 9 Things it’s Not Too Late to Start Doing for Yourself

♥ What to Do When You’re Stressed, Distressed, or Overwhelmed

♥ Ingenious Noodle Pot Lunch Recipes

♥ Tiffin Sambar ~ South Indian Lentil and Tamarind Stew

♥ Jackson Wang Shares How New Single '100 Ways' Mixes Chinese & Western Culture, Progress on New Album

What are you most excited for in April?
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