27 March 2020


Today is the birthday of one of my favourite humans in this world, Jackson Wang. Words really can't express just how much I admire him and how much happiness he's brought to my life. I was in a dark place a few years ago but listening to Jackson's music, his story and his words really helped me and inspired me to continue on with my dreams, his new song 100 Ways came out a week ago and it is a masterpiece, I'm so proud of how much he has grown so please give it a listen if you can.

Jackson once said "I hope we can care more about the loved ones around us" and thinking about these words I decided this year I would skip the birthday celebrations and stay home with my grandparents and avoid any possible risk of giving them this virus. I'm a bit sad but I know there will be other birthdays and events, right now it's important we all work together to combat this virus and protect the vulnerable from danger, something which I know Jackson would tell us to do to. So instead to celebrate Jackson's birthday I wanted to share all the events and projects that fans did for him in Thailand last year.

There were so many cafes offering celebratory cup-sleeves for Jackson last year there was no way I could visit them all but I still visited quite a lot as you can probably see and on my way to the different cafes I made sure to stop at different stations to check out the birthday adverts for him. I think I spent two days visiting different places that were holding birthday events for Jackson and one of them was a gallery event by the fansite Goodfeeling9498 which had so many beautiful photos of him on display that I almost came home with one!

I celebrated a bit too hard and had a bit too much sugar last year for Jackson's birthday so I ended up getting a headache and having to cut the celebrations short but it was still lots of fun, and it taught me to better plan what events to go to, pace myself better .... and not drink so much soda! Thailand really does have a lot of love for Jackson.

Even though I'm staying home this year there are still lots of ways you can celebrate Jackson's birthday and do something fun and meaningful. Last year I set aside $100 to donate to different fan run charity projects in Thailand, one was for turtle conservation, one for disabled children, one for stray dogs and one was a project to put birthday adverts on trucks in Chiang Mai and because I donated a certain amount to these projects a few sent me gifts (some of which I am giving away for Jackson's birthday). This year, although I didn't have quite as much cash to spare to donate to different projects, I decided to donate to just one, a project to help disabled animals, as it's a cause quite close to my heart. Hopefully next year if all goes well I can maybe do my own project to raise money for charity in Jackson's name.

There are so many different events and projects happening all over the world for Jackson's birthday, so please do find out if there's anything happening in your country as each year the celebrations seem to get even bigger and it's such a joy to see everyone around the world come together to celebrate Jackson's special day.

Even though these are really hard and uncertain times I feel really blessed to have someone like Jackson putting new music and positivity into this world. I really am grateful to have him in my life and I hope once the situation improves to see him again in better days, when we're all healthy and happier, performing on that stage , doing the thing he loves the most.

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Love & Strawberries

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