03 March 2020


GOT7 are about to perform their 1st ever stadium concert in Thailand to a 2 day SOLD OUT crowd of over 50,000 people! Unfortunately the initial dates had to be postponed but the concert has been rescheduled for May so to celebrate the concert organisers 4NOLOGUE held a special 3 day exhibition showcasing GOT7's rise in Thailand, with photos and merchandise from all the concerts and fanmeets they've done here over the past 6 years since their debut.

Two years ago I attended a similar event (also in Emquartier) to celebrate Nestival which was their 1st Thailand tour, something which no other international group has ever done! Nestival was also the first time I saw GOT7 in concert and seeing all the photographs and signed merch from the events brought back some very happy memories. I missed out on seeing FLY the first World Tour in Bangkok as I was starting University in Chiang Mai at that time so Nestival in Chiang Mai was my first opportunity to see them live after becoming a fan. I haven't been to every fanmeet or concert in Thailand but I have been lucky enough to go to lot and they have always been some of the happiest and most fun times of my life.

As well as the exhibition itself there were also opportunities throughout the day to do activities where you could win prizes and a booth set up where you could buy official merchandise, unfortunately after waiting 2 hours in line prior to opening I was still not able to get what I wanted as it sold out super fast so I'll just have to wait for the concert in May and hope they don't sell out again there!

One of the things I feel the most is that GOT7's concert organisers in Thailand are just as big fans and supporters of the group as we are and this was a really nice free event to put on for us especially after the original concert dates had to be postponed. It was really nice to look back on everything that they have done in Thailand and see how much they have grown and I can't wait to go to their biggest concert yet, I'm sure it will be amazing!!!

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Love & Ahgabongs

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