10 March 2020

How To Get to B'Chill (GOT7 BamBam's Restaurant ) Bangkok , Thailand

One of the most commonly asked questions I get from GOT7 fans is how to get to B'Chill (BamBam's family owned restaurant, cafe & bar) so I thought I would make a little video of how you can easily visit there via Bangkok's BTS and BRT services. This location is very easy to visit via public transportation and the whole journey shouldn't cost you anymore than $3 so I totally recommend you use this method as traffic in Bangkok can get really crazy at times so this will save you so much time and money.

Step by Step Guide

♥ Take the BTS to Chong Nonsi Station (฿15 - ฿59)

♥ If you are travelling on the Sukhumvit line you will need to change to the Silom line at Siam Station (Platform 3 to Bang Wa)

♥ At Chong Nonsi Station follow the exit signs to Bangkok BRT

♥ From BRT Sathorn travel to BRT Wat Pariwat (฿15)

♥ At Wat Priwat station exit left from the station then head onwards (same direction as you were travelling via BRT) up the road for about 5 minutes

♥ You will see a sign for B'Chill at the entrance of a road, walk down that road to the end and enter through where 'Baan Itmorn' is written and B'Chil will be on your right

B'Chill is a really great place to chill, the food is amazing as always and sunset there is beautiful! It's open everyday, weeknights after 5pm and Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 11am to 2am. It's usually quieter to visit in the daytime or weekdays unless there is a special event happening such as a GOT7 birthday or anniversary celebration and on weekend nights it turns into party central for ahgase! I would also highly recommend you contact them to book at table if you intend to visit on a weekend night or during an event or concert weekend as it can fill up really fast and you may not have a place to sit!

BamBam's family visit there often in the evenings, especially on special occasions, I ran into Mama B just as I was leaving on BamBam's birthday last year and wished her a happy birthday as it was her special day to. They're always sweet and kind to the people who come visit them so don't be scared to say hello and ask for a photo if you want one, they all speak great English to so don't worry if you can't speak Thai. I hope this guide is helpful and if you have anymore questions on how to get there etc. feel free to ask and I will try my best to help, B'Chill is definitely a place you must visit if you're Ahgase coming to Thailand.

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Love & Birbs

I will keep this guide up for the memories but if you're visiting after March 2020 it will no longer be in business, I hope one day in the future day B'Chill can return in but no matter what thank you so much to BamBam and his family for working so hard and giving GOT7 fans this wonderful safe place to meet and make new friends, I will never forget the good times I had there!
ขอบคุณทุกคนสำหรับ B'Chill ฉันจะเก็บไว้ในใจเสมอ

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