04 February 2019

Cute Cafe Shops in Bangkok - Cintage School & Canteen

Cintage School is one of my favourite stores in Siam Square, Bangkok, it has the cutest fashion at really affordable prices and every time I visit I always end up buying some really cute stuff. They change their collections every few months and it's really popular so if you see something you like there it's best not to hesitate to buy as it may not be there on your next visit.

Cintage School - Siam Square - Bangkok - Thailand

There are a few of these stores around Bangkok but this one is my fave as I love the pastel pink school theme the store is decorated it, it's perfect for Instagram opportunists and there's always lot's of school kids taking photos there so you often have to wait a while before you can take those cute photos.

Cintage School - Siam Square - Bangkok - Thailand

As well as the clothing store they also have a nail bar where you can get your nails done with super cute designs, nail art never lasts on me so I very rarely get my nails done but I'm always in awe of their cute designs and it's advisable to book ahead if you plan of getting it done as spots fill up fast.

Cintage School - Siam Square - Bangkok - Thailand

My absolutely favourite thing about Cintage School is the 'canteen' on the top floor which serves all sorts of cute drinks and cakes, every time I go I always order the matcha frappe as it's probably one of the best you can get in Bangkok, not too sweet and full of matcha flavour and they also host KPop events like Pixie Dust Cafe, where you can get cute cupsleeves with your favourite idols on which is very popular with Kpop fans in Thailand right now.

Cintage School - Siam Square - Bangkok - Thailand

If that wasn't enough to get you to visit then the icing on the cake is the ball pit that they have which you can play and take cute photos in, admittedly I've not yet had the chance to play in it because it's always full of people taking cute photos but I love the cute kitschy inflatables they have, it's such an adorable addition to an already cute store.

Cintage School - Siam Square - Bangkok - Thailand

Siam is such a fun place to go shopping in, it's almost like my second home so if you're ever in Bangkok you'll know where to find me, and if your a fan of all things kawaii I suggest you go check out the area as there's just so many cute stores and cafes waiting for you to visit.

Whats the cutest store you've ever visited?
Love & Matcha

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