14 February 2019

B'Chill Cafe & Restaurant - GOT7's BamBam's First Family Owned Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand!

As I'm writing this B'Chill have just announced that they are closing the Bang Na location and I'm so sad that I didn't get the chance to share this post earlier so you could have had the chance to visit there to. This was Thai Kpop star GOT7's BamBam's first family owned and run cafe in Thailand and although this location is closing you will still be able to support BamBam and his family at the new branch B'Chill Day and Night.

I was lucky enough to visit B'Chill a few times over the past year with different Ahgase friends I've met from all over the world, it actually wasn't too far from where I lived although the location was still quite difficult to find as it was pretty much in the middle of nowhere and far from any main roads or hotspots but it was always full of dedicated GOT7 fans and our Gotoon dolls and figures.

'We Are Family' is the slogan of B'Chill and you really get that feeling when you're there, from the delicious home cooked meals to the photos of BamBam and his family decorating the walls and the the sweet little touches of Ahgase cookies and cakes they sold (green birds being the symbol of GOT7 fans) it really made you feel at home. BamBam's family actually have an active roll at the cafe, cooking, serving and managing how things are run so you might be lucky enough to meet them there. On one of my last visits I was lucky enough to meet Beer, BamBam's older brother, who was busy training staff on how to make drinks for the new location, he even made our coffee that day to and took a little break from training the staff to chat and take photos with us, they're such a kind family and always warm to fans who visit so don't be afraid to say hi if you see them working there.

When I say the food is good I'm not lying! They have a big menu full of Thai, Western and Korean influenced dishes and everything I've tried there has always been fresh, fragrant and full of flavour. BamBam's mother is a big fan of Korean food and cooking so had a part in designing the menu and teaching the chefs how to make certain dishes, so you can be sure you're getting a home cooked meal just like what BamBam likes to eat. There aren't many vegetarian dishes on the menu but you can always ask them if it's possible to leave out the meat etc. as most dishes are cooked fresh they should be able to make something to your liking.

I'm so happy I got the chance to visit B'Chill before it closed and take a flock of my Ahgase friends there to. It's so sad that they closed down the first location as I'm sure lots of people would loved to have gone there and seen where the story started but the new riverside location looks absolutely beautiful so I hope I can visit there soon and let you all know what's it's like.

What's your favourite Thai food?
Love & Watermelon Shakes

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