22 February 2019

Asian Dramas I'm Watching & Loving

Pencil Vs Camera - 64

I've recently started getting back into Asian dramas after a long break so I'm finally sharing the dramas I've been watching and have a bit of a diverse list for you. I'm they type of person who sticks with a drama until the end even if I'm not enjoying it as much, normally it takes me a bit longer to watch these dramas as ones I really like I tend to finish within a week so I thought I'd share the ones I haven't been enjoying as much to because everyone has different tastes so maybe you'll find something you'll really like, even though I might not have been the biggest fan.

Taliw, a cute but dim girl, develops a crush on the smart and handsome Tenten who has just joined her class, in secret he's warm and kindly but in front of others he acts cold and uncaring towards her, the story follows their home and school lives as they become intertwined and they come to terms with their true feelings for one another. I was recommended this drama after watching Full House as it has the same lead actors although admittedly I didn't enjoy this one as much as Full House but I really liked the character of Taliw and their families, I found them all to be very sweet and supportive of her. The storyline is very typical and to be honest I'm done with any storyline that involves a boy being mean to a girl because he likes her... can we end these plots already? I know this drama is an old one but I really disliked Tenten especially after seeing him play a nicer character in Full House, but aside from Tenten all the other characters were really nice, her friends, the teacher, the parents and the love rivals I really liked them and I enjoyed the humour quite a bit, my mum also enjoyed to and said it was fun so if you're looking for something a little light-hearted and fun to watch maybe check it out.

힘쎈여자 도봉순
Bong-Soon comes from a line of women in her family who were blessed with super strength, however if they use their powers for their own selfish gains and to hurt innocent people their powers will be lost. Min-Hyuk is a CEO of video gaming that Bong-Soon dreams of working at to create her own video game with her as the main characters, he witnesses her defending a bus driver from a group of gangsters and hires her as his personal bodyguard and they work together to find out the identity of the person who has been threatening him. This is only a short description of the series as I think most people have already watched this because for the past year it's all people have been telling me to watch and THANK YOU!!! I think this is one of my favourite series ever I absolutely adored all the characters in this show especially Bong-Soon and although it was kinda a strange mixture of serious and humour at times I really enjoyed it and the ending just made me so happy. I devoured this one in less than a week and even my family decided to join me on watching it and they really enjoyed it to so it really is a great watch for everyone, I can definitely see myself re-watching this one again and again whenever I need a pick me up.

Pi Pi is a sweet kind but naive, amateur reporter who often finds herself alone in the world, what Pi Pi doesn't realise is that she has an ancient curse which is the cause of all of the misfortune in her life. He Lan Jing Ting, is a being from another world who has been searching for his lost love who he believes to be Pi Pi and is convinced he can save her and help her believe in love again. I was drawn to this drama because of the cast and the interesting storyline of other beings and ancient curses and while I did enjoy seeing the past lives of these characters and how their relationship in the present day developed it just didn't grip me as hard as other dramas and there were some inconsistencies that were hard to ignore. Overall I felt like if this was a period drama about the first time these characters met or if the story had started where it ended it would have been a bit more interesting for me as those scenes really stood out compared to the present day setting where the action just seemed to stagnate after a while. It's not as long as other Chinese dramas being only 25 episodes but it did start to feel like it dragged on although the ending almost seemed too rushed with all the action happening towards the end. That being said Pi Pi's character did grow on me after a while and her interactions with "The Fox" were really cute and I liked seeing how his aura affected her the closer they became. I do wish the series had focused on the two main characters a bit more as the side stories seemed to take over towards the end of the series and the main couple seemed to get the least air time compared to others even though the main story was about them. I did find the folklore of this drama really interesting though and I'd like to know more about these legendary fox gods.

Bigbang's youngest member Seungri is sent to YG's new department AKA Future Strategy Office where he leads a team of bumbling misfits in various projects to help YG's struggling reputation. This show is part sitcom, part mockumentary and very similar in style to The Office or Parks and Rec. It's honestly one of the funniest things I've watched in a while and seriously if you're a KPop fan or even if you're not you need to watch this right now! I still can't quite believe this show exists knowing how strict these companies are with their idols and keeping a clean reputation but this show is a complete play on that, even acknowledging and joking about the scandals that the company has been involved in in the past. Seungri is amazing and said recently he didn't read the any of the shows scripts before filming so he could give more genuine reactions towards the situations he was put it. I think if you know a little about YG and the Kpop world you'll probably understand and get more out of this than someone who doesn't know anything but it's still a really funny show and I hope Netflix gives it a second season.

두부의 의인화
Baek Min Kyung's adorable dog Tofu unfortunately dies while she is at a work meeting with the handsome yet arrogant celebrity Kim Joo Heon who mistakes her for a superfan, upon hearing the news of he dogs passing she rushes to the vet but it's too late and she returns home wishing she had just one last chance to see him, her wish is granted but Tofu doesn't return in his original form but that of a human boy but he only has 49 days with her until he returns to the afterlife. I enjoy watching web-dramas and was drawn to this not just because VIXX's Ken stars as Kim Joo Heon but the plot sounded absolutely adorable and it's something I think would work well as a full drama. Unfortunately as with most web-dramas it's just too short so it's hard to develop any sort of meaningful relationships with the characters and the plot is often rushed, this web drama was just 8, 10 minute episodes. I did enjoy all the actors in this though and found them quite genuine with a great touch of humour although the ending was quite predictable but very sweet, it's just a shame such a great concept had such a short run as it would have been great to go more in depth with Tofu and how these dogs came to be humans and how they recognise each other and live in this world.

What series have you been watching lately?
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