30 June 2018

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (June 2018)

Pastel Beach...

Wow I can't believe we're over halfway through the year, June is over and so is my trip back to the UK. It's been nice to be back and see old friends, clear out my old room and just hang out with my family and my dog but I can't wait to go back to Thailand and build my new life in Bangkok. I hope everyone is well and treating themselves good, summer is here so enjoy the nice weather and get outside and enjoy some fresh air as much as you can and if it's rainy here are a few links you can enjoy to relax your mind...

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♥ How to Fall Asleep in Under 5 Minutes

♥ New Orleans, Louisiana Travel Guide

♥ 5 Ways I've Eliminated Stress From My Life

河津櫻 河津桜 Kawazuzakura

♥ The Pursuit of Loneliness: How I chose a Life of Solitude

♥ NYC Guide: My Favourite Spots in Brooklyn

♥ 5 Ways You're Wasting Your Time

♥ How to Live to Be 100

♥ We Can’t Run from Ourselves and 6 Other Lessons from Living Abroad


♥ Top 10 Things You Must Do In Dubrovnik

♥ Breaking Down 3 Simple Meditation Styles

♥ How to Up Your Nerd Fashion & Where To Find Your Gear

♥ Here Are 4 Things You Need To Be Doing To Combat Stress

♥ 5 Ways to Tell You're Making the Wrong Decision


♥ When Negative Thoughts Keep You Down: How to Break the Addiction

♥ 5 Tips For Sleeping Well When You Have Anxiety

♥ My Guide to North Queensland

♥ How I Turned Fear and Anxiety into Joy and Fulfillment

♥ My Proactive 8-Part Plan for Beating Anxiety and Negativity

Love & Lavender

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