25 June 2018

#OOTD: Pink Pool Style

Style Nanda Pink Pool Cafe - Hongdae - Seoul

There's just something about being in Seoul that brings out the fashionista in me. Seoul is such a trendy place with everyone dressed on point and everywhere being so damn aesthetic, I mean literally every cafe or store you walk in has some sort of unique theme or concept which brings in the Instagram crowd all trying to get those stylish selfies and honestly I just love how extra it all is. Style Nanda is one of my favourite stores in Korea but it's not the clothes or even the make-up that make it a must stop for me it's the stores themselves and how gosh darn beautifully they are.

Style Nanda Pink Pool Cafe - Hongdae - Seoul

Style Nanda has a few stores in Seoul and whilst I love the Pink Hotel/Pink Pool Cafe in Myeongdong this store in Hongdae has to be my new favourite because they've gone even more extra and built an actual pool in there! Luckily we happened to be there on a quiet day because I heard it gets really crowded so we had the whole pool section to ourselves and I was having one of those rare moments where I was really feeling myself so it was the perfect excuse to get some outfit shots. Maybe it's because just before going up to the cafe I spent quite a bit of time playing around with all the 3CE make-up there but damn, this place kinda makes me look good!

Style Nanda Pink Pool Cafe - Hongdae - Seoul

But seriously, I think it's important to celebrate those days you feel good in your own skin and not be ashamed of it because we spend far too much time hating on ourselves and nitpicking at our flaws. I'm no model and I never will be but it's perfectly fine to have those moments where you feel fierce as hell like you should be on the cover of a damn magazine, so ignore the haters, take cute selfies and give sometime in your life to celebrate the awesomeness that is you because there is NOBODY else in this world like you!

What is one thing that makes you feel fierce?
Love & Love

Outfit Details
Love hat - Twinkledeals
♥ Hoodie - Spao Korea
♥ Skirt - Putumayo
♥ Boots - Dr Martens x Hello Kitty

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