09 May 2018

Laundry Pizza - Gangnam - Seoul

Laundry Pizza & Double Trouble - Gangnam - Seoul

I'm declaring this month Kpop month on Cateaclysmic so I'm going to be sharing a bunch of awesome places I visited in Seoul which relate in some random way to Kpop starting with Laundry Pizza in Gangnam which you may recognise as a lot of groups including GOT7, BTS and many more have done photoshoots here.

Laundry Pizza & Double Trouble - Gangnam - Seoul

One of the things I love about Korea is just how extra they go with the themes of their restaurants and cafes, they're just so aesthetic and it doesn't surprise me at all that so many idols get their photos taken here, it even featured in my boy Henry's I'm Good music video. I just love the bright colours and the laundry theme is just such a unique concept for a restaurant, and of course a great place for taking selfies!

Sadly though I wasn't a fan of the pizza there, I tried both the mac and cheese and margarita and they were pretty mediocre HOWEVER upstairs you can find Double Trouble where they sell all sorts of different types of grilled cheese sandwiches and those are so GOOD, so much better than the pizza and it was only $10 for a grilled cheese sandwich, fries and a drink which was about the same price as one slice of pizza, so I would say skip the pizza and go for the grilled cheese!

Laundry Pizza & Double Trouble - Gangnam - Seoul

Of course whilst I was there I couldn't resist taking a bunch of selfies and trying to recreate some of those iconic shots although I restrained myself from to climbing up on the tables... even though I was kinda tempted. The lighting was kinda awful there though which you can probably see from my super dark grainy photos *sigh* I mean it's kinda amusing the place has such bad lighting considering it's one of those places where people go purely to take photos but at least I got to stand in the same place as my beloved once was and eat off a table which pretty idols had sat on to.

Laundry Pizza & Double Trouble - Gangnam - Seoul

Despite the mediocre pizza I would definitely go back there though because that grilled cheese was amazing and definitely satisfied my cheese cravings, also it's just a really cool place to grab some lunch with friends, chill for an hour or two, live out your Kpop dreams and live out your idol dreams.

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Love & Pizza

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