15 April 2014

Inspirational Quotes #49

"The main thing you can change is how you perceive yourself. Stop looking in the mirror and realize that you're living for yourself, not other people"
- Amanda Seyfried

14 April 2014

Shop My Closet!

Spring is here so it's time to clear a little extra space in my wardrobe and make a little extra cash for the summer. Everything is listed on eBay with a start price of 99p and all end on Sunday, everything is in great condition and some are even brand new so check them out, you're sure to pick up a bargain!

Good Luck

P.S. Don't forget you can also get 15% off my Etsy Shop during the whole of April!

12 April 2014

How to Create Your Own Eyeshadow Palette: De-pot & Re-pot Tutorial

My make-up travel bag was starting to get a bit too heavy and as I only use a few shades out of each palette I thought it was about time I made my own. As much as I love my Liberty Hello Kitty palette it's not very durable, it's cardboard and the mirror is plastic so I thought I would re-pot a couple of my favourite shades into my favourite MAC palette which is more portable, durable and has a great mirror, and here's how I did it....

Make sure the eyeshadow is completely dry before you use it, I left it overnight and packed it down using the back of the spoon (and a clean finger) to check all the moisture had gone, it's as easy as that!

Good Luck

09 April 2014

#OOTD: Ms. Maleficent

Maleficent is my absolute favourite Disney villain she's just pure unadulterated evil and I love it! When I first started wearing my hair in victory rolls someone made a comment that I looked like Maleficent which naturally I took as a compliment so now every time I wear my hair like this I suddenly feel empowered and ready to take on the world.

Red lips and lashes also seem to have that empowered effect on me so this outfit made me feel super bad ass. I'm really excited for the Maleficent movie to come out, I adore Angelina Jolie and from what I've seen so far she looks just perfect in the role!

Most of my outfits have been taking on a theme lately, I guess it's just more fun that way and fashion is all about fun. I absolutely love that we're seeing more "geek girl fashion" now because for a long time people told me that I couldn't be into both comics and fashion and I wasn't a real fan but that's just absolute nonsense you can be into whatever you want there are no rules especially when it comes to the things that you love.

♥ Dress - Blackmilk
♥ Jacket - Forever 21 / Handmade / Wings
♥ Necklace - Vivienne Westwood
♥ Ring - Zentosa
♥ Bracelet - Cateaclysmic Crafts
♥ Circle Lenses - Pinky Paradise

Love & Magic

06 April 2014

Winter is Coming....

Game of Thrones returns for another season and I could not be more excited, if you thought the Red Wedding was shocking be prepared because this season is going to be crazy I just can not wait! So to celebrate the return of my favourite series I've made another Direwolf Scarf, Summer.

Summer is Bran's Direwolf, and sometimes Bran. As I want to make each of the Direwolves look a different from each other I took inspiration from the show and the plushie for this design and went with a brownish coloured yarn, yellow glass eyes (the same as Nymeria and Grey Wind) and white details for the ears, chin and tail.

I'm so grateful for the positive feedback I've got on these scarves and to have George RR Martin say he likes them is the ultimate compliment! I can't wait to make more and complete my collection soon and who knows maybe once my Direscarf collection is complete I'll start work on some dragon scarves....

Dragons & Direwolves

*Scarves are limited edition and available to buy on ETSY and STORENVY

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