15 January 2019

GOT7 5th Anniversary Celebration GIVEAWAY!!!

January 16th marks 5 years since GOT7's first debut stage in Korea and because these are my best boys and favourite Kpop group who have literally changed my life for the better, inspired me, motivated me and introduced me to so many amazing people I wanted to celebrate this special day by hosting a giveaway and sharing the joy with my fellow GOT7 fans.

 ♥ The Prizes 

GOT7 Present:You Poster
GOT7 Present:You Postcards
It's Skin GOT7 Aloe Sheet Mask
GOT7 Bracelet
7 for 7 Golden Hour Version Album

So if you want to join in the giveaway and be in with the chance to win these prizes just follow the instructions in the widget below, the giveaway will close on February 1st and winner will be contacted via email.

Le me know how you found and why you love GOT7 in the comments!
Good Luck

05 January 2019

GOT7 JB Birthday Exhibition in So-K Cafe, Bangkok, Thailand

KPop has become extremely popular in Thailand over the past few years with groups of dedicated fans bringing the traditions of the Korean fandoms over to us, birthday ads have decorated our buses and shopping malls and now cafes are joining in the celebrations giving us special gifts and foods. So when I heard about JB from GOT7 getting his first dedicated birthday event in Bangkok hosted by one of his most popular Korean fansites SpringBreeze16 and Thai fanbase DefSoulTogether I just had to go and check it out.

Last year I was lucky enough to be in Seoul for JB's birthday and was able to see the birthday signs outside JYP, a tradition which is sadly no more since JYP moved to bigger headquarters, so getting the chance to celebrate this year at an actual dedicated event, in my hometown, was really special . The event was hosted at So-K Cafe and the whole cafe was dedicated to JB with GOT7 songs playing and every wall adorned with beautiful photos taken of him as well as standees you could take photos with and post-it notes to leave your birthday messages to him on.

I took along my collection of Gotoon mini JBs to celebrate with me and with our order of a drink and dessert we were given some exclusive JB birthday goodies, a cupsleeve, a poster, and two little birthday themed flags to decorate our food with. The cafe also had a huge selection of cupsleeves celebrating different idols birthdays you could choose from to but I was there for my boy JB.

The food selection was mostly desserts (they also had spaghetti) and unfortunately when we arrived all the cakes had already sold out so I went for the honey toast and we also got waffles and bingsu to try to all of which were really good and I totally recommend although I will admit after we were suffering with a bit of a sugar hangover but it was JB's birthday so the perfect time to indulge, I know you can't be with us JB so we'll eat your share to hehe!

It was really great to see the cafe so full of JB and GOT7 fans, I believe this is this was the first event of this kind we've had in Bangkok so it's really encouraging and I hope we have more especially as the next GOT7 birthday coming up is for my favourite boy Jackson Wang and I would really love to attend a birthday event for him here as I can't make it to Seoul.

Fans are so dedicated and kind in Thailand and I really love being a part of this community, everyone has been so warm and welcoming. I've made so many new and amazing friends from all around the world thanks to GOT7 and I couldn't be more grateful to them for bringing us all together, these events are such a nice place for us to get together and celebrate the people we love so I really hope I get to attend more in the future.

What do you think about Kpop culture? Would you like to attend of these events?
Love & Strawberries

31 December 2018

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (December 2018)

merry christmas dear dolly friends! :)

Just like that another year is over! 2018 has been an amazing year for me and it's crazy to think just how much has changed in my life. I've decided to take a blogging break in January and hopefully return in February just to give me some time to rest and reset for the year ahead, I'm not sure where 2019 will take me but I'm pleased to say I'll be starting the year in a good place. I wish you all the best for 2019 thank you for always supporting me and I hope this year you get everything that you want.

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Love & Gingerbread

23 December 2018

End of Year Etsy Sale!!

New year is almost here and I'm hoping for a fresh start so with that in mind I thought I would offer my final handmade items at a discounted price, there are only a few things left now so please be quick if you want anything as there won't be anymore in the future once I'm sold out. So for an extra 10% off everything until the end of the year be sure to enter the coupon code below and your discount will be automatically applied...

As it's the end of the year I also have a limited quantity of Luck Bags or Fukubukuro for sale where you can get several handmade items for the price of one but what you get will be a complete surprise, so it makes the prefect gift for yourself or for a friend, I guarantee you will get some super cute items and also some exclusive stock I never made available for sale before.

There are only a few scarves left in stock including my Game of Thrones Direwolf scarves which I have also given to the cast at past Comin Cons so if you want one then be sure to check them out, a lot of styles are already sold out but there's still a few left and they will definitely keep your neck nice and warm this winter.

Finally I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years, it's the end of an era and I've had so much fun creating all these handmade goods for you, it started off as just a fun personal hobby but became my lifeline as so many people wanted to own my designs to and I hope in the future to work on new projects but for now goodbye etsy, thank you so much.

Check out this post to open your own Etsy Shop for FREE!!
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18 December 2018

Christmas in Seoul : Zapangi Cafe (자판기 카페)

Zapangi Cafe (자판기 카페) - Seoul - South Korea

Zapangi is one of Seoul's most popular cafes and also known as the pink vending machine cafe because the entrance to the cafe looks just like a vending machine. I've seen so many photos and videos of this cafe all over the internet but this actually wasn't a planned visit and we accidentally found it on our way to another cafe which was unfortunately shut at the time, luckily Zapangi wasn't too crowded so we decided to stop there instead for some Christmas treats.

Zapangi Cafe (자판기 카페) - Seoul - South Korea

I'm writing this almost a year after we visited but the cafe is still there and I'm sure they'll have these Christmas treats on offer again this year, our visit was actually the day after Christmas but seeing all the cute Christmas themed drinks and treats they had on offer we just had to try them out and extend the holiday joy.

Zapangi Cafe (자판기 카페) - Seoul - South Korea

What I love most about Korean cafes is the aesthetics, each cafe is so uniquely and intricately decorated and Zapangi was no different, I love the pink almost tropical style, minimalist aesthetic they had happening there although the seating was a little bit uncomfortable but it was a nice warm welcome break from the cold, winter streets of South Korea.

Zapangi Cafe (자판기 카페) - Seoul - South Korea

The Christmas cake although huge was almost entirely made of cream, really pretty to look but I struggled to eat it as it was so sweet! I really don't like wasting food but on this occasion I just had to stop as I started to feel a bit queasy so I had to admit defeat. The drinks were super sweet to especially the Christmas latte but luckily they had lots of complimentary water so I could drown the sweetness away and my mouth was totally green after eating all that cake!

Zapangi Cafe (자판기 카페) - Seoul - South Korea

If you don't get the chance to visit Zapangi for Christmas then they also have other adorable treats for you to try out like donuts and mermaid cakes, I probably won't be ordering cake there again as it was just too sweet for my tastes but they had lots of other drinks there which I wouldn't mind trying out, prices were a little high but Christmas is the perfect time to treat yourself to something sweet, so if you're in the area it's worth checking out if only for the cute photos!

What are your favourite Christmas treats?
Love & Snowflakes

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