25 November 2020

📚 Bangkok's Oldest and Largest English Library 🍎

In 1869, 13 British and American ladies established the Bangkok Ladies' Library Association with the goal of circulating and sharing English language books which were extremely hard to come by in those days as books from overseas could take at least 6 months or more to arrive in Thailand via boat. The association was run every Sunday in out of the ladies houses but as the association grew and became more popular a dedicated space was needed so in 1914 a plot of land was purchased and so the Neilson Hays Library you see today was born.

For the longest time I have been searching Thailand for a good place to find English language books because although we have some amazing bookshops it can be expensive and most second hand bookshops don't have much of a selection to chose from, so finding this library was like finding treasure and I honestly cant believe I have gone my whole life without knowing of its existence until now.

The library is such a beautiful old European style building which is in vast contrast to the skyscrapers and Bangkok's tallest building, the Mahanakhon building which is just a short walk away from the library. The library may not look big in comparison but it houses over 20,000 books, the largest English collection in Bangkok so there's definitely something to suit all tastes. I was overjoyed to see a plethora of books from my favourite author Haruki Murakami and also all the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George RR Martin.

The library also hosts other events like storybook reading for children, a literary festival and bi-annual book sale which was one of the reasons for my visit there. I actually only found out about the library via a farmers market I visit every week as the weekend of the book sale they had a special hidden farmers market in the library gardens, so you could enjoy lunch and pick up some groceries after shopping for books at the book sale. I picked up 3 books at the sale for just ฿50 each, then wandered around the library, read a book, had some pizza for lunch in the library gardens and on my way out picked up a few cookies to take home for later.

Once I finish reading these books I will probably donate them back to the library as the library works on donations and volunteers alone and is Thailand's oldest not-for-profit organisation, it's definitely something I want to support being a lady who loves books just like the founders. I really hope the Neilson Hays Library can exist for many more centuries in the city and it's definitely worth a visit if you want to see something different as it's such a unique place to have in the middle of Bangkok.

What is your favourite book?
Love & Books

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18 November 2020

🐈 Bangkok's Best Adoptable Cat Café ☕

Have you ever visited a cat café and wanted to bring one of the kitties home? At "Bangkok's Best Adoptable Cat Café" you can do exactly that! Hosted every Sunday at Union Space in Ekkamai, Paws Bangkok brings a bunch of their cutest rescues from their shelter for you to play with and hopefully find their forever homes. 

The café is completely free to enter, although donations are much appreciated to help them rescue more animals in need, all they ask is that you fall in love with these kitties and hopefully give them a home. I rescued my Nora Neko 2 years ago, we found him in the middle of a highway and he was such a tiny dirty thing only a couple months old, if we hadn't have found him then I'm sure he wouldn't have made it. I never planned on getting a cat but now I can't imagine life without him and I would love to rescue another one day which was one of the reasons for my visit. All my pets have been rescues and it's really important to me to adopt as there are so many beautiful animals in need that deserve to live a better life.

This café is such a great idea to get to know the kitties a bit before you adopt and on my visits there to play with the kitties I'm always so happy to see them get adopted, on one visit 4 kittens found new homes and on a another 8 did but there's still many more at their shelter and more coming in everyday that need help to and if you do happen to just be visiting Thailand from abroad and want to bring one of the kittens back with you Paws will provide you will all the help and information to do that, they want all their kitties to have forever homes no matter where in the world you may be from!

On every other Saturday's Paws also host an adoptable puppy café in the same location, so if you're also looking for a new puppy to adopt be sure to go there, my visit there for Halloween was so much fun. Paws do such amazing work helping all the animals in need in Thailand and giving them the best possible life so please do support them if you can, and hopefully I will find a friend for my Nora soon.

Would you adopt one of these cute kitties?
Love & Cats

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11 November 2020

🎃 Halloween @ The Adoptable Puppy Café - Bangkok - Thailand 🐶

Halloween was spent in the best way possible surrounded by cute puppies which you can actually bring home with you! Bangkok's Adoptable Puppy Café happens every other Saturday where a whole bunch of adorable rescue pups come out to play and hopefully find their forever homes.

This was my first visit to the puppy café and it was so much fun, the puppies are sooo cute and playful and excited that most my photos came out a blurry mess but I'm happy they had a good time as all of these dogs are rescues and some even have disabilities, there was one that couldn't use his back legs but that didn't stop him from running around and playing with the other puppies.

The café is a great idea to get the dogs out of their kennels and socialise with other dogs and new people and also for people to meet with these dogs, fall in love and take them home, that day 8 puppies went to their forever homes and the others went to foster homes which made my heart so happy.

For Halloween they had special snacks and drinks and there was also a book sale as well as t-shirts and totes so if you couldn't take one of the dogs home you could still help out by buying something as all the proceeds went towards helping them rescue more dogs in need and finding them new homes.

I love visiting dog and cat cafes but I especially love visiting the adoptable cafes as these animal are so sweet and it really is a great feeling when you see them going to their forever homes, adoption is very important to me as all my pets have been rescues and there's so many beautiful creatures that need our help that I'm happy in some little way I can help and who knows maybe one day I will bring home a little friend.

Would you adopt one of these cute puppies?
Love & Dogs

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04 November 2020

🎂 Unbirthday Café - Bangkok - Thailand 💐

Unbirthday Café is another one of Bangkok's hidden gems, tucked down an side alley on the 2nd floor of an apartment complex it can be confusing to find but once you do you'll want to come again and again. I first visited in August, to treat myself to some cake for my (un)birthday so I thought for my Halloween visit I would film a little video and share it here.

The commitment they have to the aesthetic is admirable, in summer there was a midsummer theme with flowers decorating the whole of the café from floor to celling and for October they went with a spooky but cute Halloween theme with not just the décor but cakes, drinks and music adding to the overall theme, it's such a pretty café and I love the attention to detail they put into everything, there's such a great vibe there.

Cakes are the main reason you should visit because their cakes are in my opinion one of the best in Thailand! They bake a wide variety of cakes daily so there's something for everyone from chocolate to fruit to cheesecake to scones and every single one is so delicious and a real rich treat, my personal favourite is the hummingbird cake, definitely a must try especially if you're a fan of carrot cake.

Since sharing my photos of Unbirthday Café on Instagram so many of my friends have asked me to take them there when they come visit so I will for sure and I can't wait to see what their next theme will be, maybe I'll have to pay another visit for Christmas.

What is your favourite cake?
Love & Roses

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31 October 2020


GOT7 are due to be making a comeback at the end of this month so in anticipation of that I thought I would have a giveaway for their previous album DYE. It's been a while since I have done a giveaway and I've really enjoyed sharing all the fun GOT7 events I've been lucky to go to recently so I thought with all the concert cancellations and other stressful things happening in the fandom I would do this giveaway and hopefully make someone's day a little brighter. 

 The Prizes 

GOT7 DYE Album + CD
DYE Pocket Mirror
GOT7 Fanmade Stickers, Postcards & Photocards

If you would like the chance to win these prizes please check the details and log your entries in the widget below. Giveaway is open worldwide until November 30th but please note that there are still shipping restrictions so I may not be able to post to you right now, however I am willing to hold onto the prize until I can as long as you don't mind that there may be a long delay. Please also make sure to leave a valid email (or Twitter/IG @) that I can contact you at should you win because if I don't hear back within 48 hours I will select another person to take the prize.

Let me know your favourite GOT7 song in the comments below!
Good Luck

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