05 May 2018

Fashion Haul from Tokyo, Seoul & Bangkok


I've always loved Asian fashion, there's just something that's so fun and unique about it all, so during my trip to Tokyo, Seoul and Bangkok I just had to pick up a few things. Although I've been living in Thailand for over 2 years now I've mostly avoided buying clothes and just wore what I packed in my suitcase to save not only some money for more travels but luggage room! However a lot of the clothes I have are worn out, no longer fit or are no longer my style so this trip was the perfect chance to get myself a whole new wardrobe and stock up on those essentials, especially now I know I'll be settling down in Thailand for a while.

Whilst in Japan I mostly visited the second hand/vintage stores in Harajuku to find what I wanted as not only are the prices generally cheaper but the clothing is surprisingly good quality compared to a lot of second hand stores you can find in other countries, luckily I managed to find a lot of things I loved for really cheap. In Korea however I focused on the more trendy stores which have been made popular by a lot of idols wearing the brands, but as it was winter at the time I was there and I'm living in the land of forever summer I didn't get too much and found myself picking up most of what I wanted back in Thailand. Overall I'm so happy with all my new clothes and I can't wait to start getting creative with them so hopefully you'll see some outfit posts from me in the future!

What are your favourite fashion styles?
Love & Puppies

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