14 May 2018


Seongsu-dong Graffiti Alley

So I'll admit over the past year I've gone through a style evolution and after over a decade I'm wearing jeans again and not just any jeans but skinny jeans! Now this is a big deal for me as I have a huge complex about my legs, they're just so short and wide compared to the rest of my body I never felt comfortable wearing trousers and while yes I still complain about them the fact that I'm here now wearing skinny jeans shows you how much more confident I am in my own skin. Since moving to Thailand my style has become what I like to refer to as "comfortable" so gone are my old kawaii poofy floral dresses as now I'm favouring a more easy sporty style whilst still keeping it kawaii! So when we found this amazing graffiti covered alley, thanks to our Korean drama adventures, I thought it would be the perfect backdrop to document my new street style.

Seongsu-dong Graffiti Alley

One of the things I've noticed through this style evolution is that I have a thing for jackets (and hoodies) and the majority of the time they're what my outfits are centred around because they're such an easy way to dress up and otherwise plain outfit and it also keeps the sun off my skin. This jacket I bought purely because I had seen the forever handsome, always my boi, Jackson Wang wearing it which is probably a stupid reason to buy something but once I tried it on and saw how good it looked on me I was sold, although teenage goth Cate would probably be turning in her grave seeing me wearing Kappa chav fashion but girl don't deny I look good in this jacket!

Seongsu-dong Graffiti Alley

The Kpop fashion influence has well and truly taken a hold of me but I'm loving it and just how comfy and chic it is. My SWAG hat is probably one of my favourite purchases from my travels to as I'd been looking for a new cap to keep the sun out of my eyes and I have a thing for cheesy slogans and I won't deny every time I wear it I do feel kinda SWAG!

What's one item from your closet that always makes you feel good?
Love & SWAG

Outfit Details
♥ SWAG hat - Candy Stripper
♥ Jacket - Charms x Kappa
♥ Jeans - Chuu
♥ Shoes - Taywin

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