04 April 2018

Style Korean A.C.N.E. Try Me! Review Me! Box - KBeauty for Acne Prone Skin

Style Korean A.C.N.E. Try Me! Review Me! Box - KBeauty for Acne Prone Skin

Style Korean were kind enough to send me their new A.C.N.E Try Me! Review Me! box to test out and it could not have come at a better time because after going from the harsh winter of Korea to the ridiculously hot season in Thailand my skin was freaking out! My T-zone was producing way to much sebum, I was getting breakout not just on my face but on my body, and my cheeks were super dry so I really needed something to balance my skin out and get it back to a manageable state.

Before I go more in-depth on each of the products I just want to give a special mention to their super fast shipping because this package arrived from Korea to Thailand in less than 48 hours, that's even quicker than some domestic post here so if I ever have a skincare emergency I know I can count on them to get me what I need fast! The video above shows me testing the products out for 2 weeks as I think that's the minimal amount of time you should test out any new products to see real results but as I'm the type of person who likes using products until they're finished as I'm writing this it's actually been around a month since I started using them, so here are a few of my thoughts on each.

Style Korean A.C.N.E. Try Me! Review Me! Box - KBeauty for Acne Prone Skin

"All ingredients rank between 1 - 2 on the EWG Cosmetic Database scale - perfect for those with sensitive skin. Provides the optimal acidity (pH 5.5) to soothe and hydrate your skin while preventing break outs and excess dryness. Contains centella asiatica and witch hazel to soothe and heal inflamed skin."

Heimish is a brand I've heard a lot of good things about so I was happy I could test out this cleaner, it comes in a really good size to so no doubt this will last me for a while. This is my first step in my skincare routine and I use it both morning and night and I've noticed quite positive results with it. My skin is super dry and this didn't dry me out at all and my skin felt super soft afterwards, it also did a really good job of removing my make-up to as sometimes I find I have to use an oil cleanser in addition to the foam cleanser to remove all my make-up but I didn't have to do that at all with this one at all. I also used it with my Clarisonic a few times a week to and it seemed to work quite well and foam up really nicely with it, I really liked the gel consistency and using just a small amount and foaming it up with water was more than enough to cleanse my whole face. I'll definitely continue to use this as I really loved how gentle and soft it was which made it perfect for sensitive skin and those days when you're suffering from a nasty breakout.

"Contains calamine, centella asiatica, tea tree and witch hazel extract to soothe and heal body acne (bacne / chestne). Cacao seed powder, papain, oatmeal and basil remove excess sebum and dead skin cells to prevent pore blockage and subsequent out-breaks."

I used this soap every morning and night to cleanse my body as I suffer from bacne which can be exacerbated by the hot sweaty weather here. It comes with a bag which you can store it in or use to cleanse your body which is what I did as the soap got smaller and harder to grip, the soap also contains small grains to give you added exfoliation but isn't to harsh or abrasive so can be used on you face to. I really loved this soap and after two weeks I had almost used it up, it didn't dry out my skin at all and I actually found I had to use less moisturiser when I was using it which was a shock as my skin is super dry! There was a couple days I switched back to my old body cleanser and I found the next day I had some acne on my shoulders so I switched back to the soap and it actually seemed to calm it down and clear it up quite quickly. I will definitely be buying this again as it worked so well for me and I love the little soap net that comes with it which makes it easy to store and also great to use as sort of sponge to prolong the life of it but most of all it really worked to heal my acne and didn't dry out my already dry skin, the only negative is that it didn't really have a scent but if you prefer unscented things it's perfect!

"Charcoal powder absorbs excess sebum and dead skin cells from pores to reduce blackheads and whiteheads. Contains squalane, an oil that mimics the skin's own sebum to hydrate and prevent moisture loss. Also acts as an anti-bacterial to fight against acne."

As it's bad to over exfoliate your skin I haven't used this product that often, I use it maybe once or twice a week depending on how oily my T-zone is looking. The first few times I used it I didn't notice much of a difference and wondered if I should use a nose pack to clear out my pores but I decided to just stick with it and after a few weeks I did actually notice that the pores around my nose looked much smaller and there was no need for me to reach for the nose packs at all! I use this after I've cleansed my face and it helps if you have quite moist skin and take some time to gently work the product in using your fingers to deep clean the T-zone area before washing it off. I also love the way the product is designed as it makes for easy application to the areas that need attention and it's super compact to travel with, which is always a bonus for me.

Style Korean A.C.N.E. Try Me! Review Me! Box - KBeauty for Acne Prone Skin
Aloe BHA Skin Toner

"All componets rank between 1 - 4 on the EWG Cosmetic Database scale. Contains the key acne-care ingredients: Consists of sodium hyaluronate and glycerin to provide an intense moisturizing effect. Mildly acidic to ensure the skin's barrier is protected without stripping away any hydration."

Toners are something which I never really used to pay attention to before but over the past few years they've become essential to my routine. The key is to find one with a good slightly thick texture that doesn't dry out your skin and allow a little time before your next skincare step for it to absorb in, I really loved this one and used it night and day first wiping it on my face with a cotton pad then just patting a couple of pumps directly into my skin. My face always looked really clear and refreshed after using it and it did a great job at fading some of my hyper-pigmentation and scars as well as keeping my skin really hydrated as one of the reasons I gave up on toner many years ago was that it always dried out my skin but this one didn't have that effect at all. I did find that it was a little sticky at first but it does go away quite quickly leaving you with a nice dewy glow.

"Centella asiatica and madecassoide acts as an anti-inflammatory to soothe and heal acne prone skin. Dermatologically proven to be safe for sensitive skin. SPF 47 PA++ UV protection. Available in 3 shades (#21, #23, #27)." 

This cushion has become my go to cushion and I wear it almost everyday, firstly the shade really matches me well and isn't greying or doesn't oxidise at all, secondly the coverage is really good and from one layer alone it really covered all my redness and pimples, so much so that I found I didn't really need to use as much concealer. The cushion also gives me a nice warm dewy glow, which I love as I don't like matt look foundations and feel they can be kinda ageing. The staying power is also pretty good especially with the heat here, I found that it lasted most of the day without completely melting off my skin, it's definitely better than other cushions I've used which just seem to fade after a few hours even without the heat factor but it's not the best one I've tried when it comes to staying power, however out of all the ones I have tried this is definitely my favourite and I will most definitely re-purchasing it in the future.

"Hydrocolloid dressing to treat acne. Absorbs impurities and protects against external factors such as bacterium to ensure faster healing."

These patches have become a staple product in my skincare routine, I love them that much! I have that bad habit of picking at pimples and aggravating them even more so these patches stop me playing around with them and allows them to heal naturally and stop me creating scars with all my popping and picking. Compared to the COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patches I used to use I like these ones a lot more, for starters they're a lot slimmer which means they adhere to the skin better and also as the sheets are cut it's easier to remove them and place them on your face, I find with the other ones when I'm trying to peel them off I often damage them which means they don't stick as well, and I also feel like the slimmer ones do a better job of sucking up all the crap that's inside your pimples. The only thing is that I wished they came in multiple sizes like the others do as sometimes they don't cover my big angry pimples but overall if I had to choose between the two it would definitely be these.

What are your fave products for acne prone skin?
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