22 April 2018

KBeauty: Make-up & Skincare Haul - 3CE, Klairs, COSRX, Innisfree & more...

I'm pretty much addicted to Korean beauty there's just so many amazing and innovative products that come out of Korea I can't help myself when I'm there. KBeauty has made a complete difference to my skin and since I got into it many years ago I've noticed so many benefits and learned so much about different igredients and what does and doesn't work for my skin. Whilst in Korea I picked up a whole different range of products from all sorts of different brands so I though I would share everything I got and some of my thoughts, so if you're interested in beauty and skincare be sure to watch the video below and if you'd like me to film a skincare routine and do a more in depth review of these products please do let me know as KBeauty is a subject I love talking about.

*Links to the products mentioned where available*

What Korean beauty products would you like to test out?
Love & Oranges

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